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What’s your approach to the wedding day? I consider myself a documentarian, so I want to capture you, your guests and this day as naturally as possible.  I try my hardest to be a fly on the wall, letting the day take its natural course and capturing it as it happens. I’ll organize family formal photos and bridal party images and steal you away for some private photography time, but otherwise, I want to document the day as it unfolds. Of course I will keep a tight eye on the timeline and guide us through smooth transitions, but I find that my favorite images are the most natural, the ones that look like I’m not even there. I definitely won’t let you flounder around in front of the camera, and I’ll steer you towards the prettiest light, but I want to capture the two of you as you naturally as possible, just spending time with each other.

How long will you be around that day? I typically like to arrive about 30 minutes before you are finished with hair and makeup. That gives me time to shoot your dress, your shoes, your jewelry and all the little details before you start to get dressed. Then, I typically head out about 30 minutes after the last “event” of the evening (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.) Dancing at midnight looks a whole lot like dancing at 10 pm, except a little less sloppy! As each day is very different, that could be seven hours, or it could be ten hours. We can talk through the timeline at our consultation.

When will we see our images? I know that you’re so excited to see your images, and I’m so excited to share them with you! If you’re OK with it, I’ll get a blog post up with the week after your wedding with a pretty sneak peek of the day! You can expect an online gallery and high resolution copies of your images within six to eight weeks after the big day.

Do you retouch all of our images? Yes and no! There are a lot of images… I shoot a lot to make sure we have coverage and that you have more than enough choices. So, every image is color corrected and cleaned up. Any image that goes onto my blog, into an album or is printed gets another look over and a bit of touching up. That being said, if there are images that you love that didn’t quite make that cut, let me know and I’d be happy to take another look at them!

Any other questions? Please feel free to shoot me an email, I’d be happy to chat through it all with you!

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