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In the Albanian Alps (Part Three)

Having divided into groups for the day and letting the dogs down, we moved along the platform. Captain with a sergeant on the right along the cliff, we are with the geologist on the left. It was far from easy to advance, since the long and sharp thorns of the bushes painfully scratched their hands and dug into clothes, reaching their bodies. So we went along the edge of almost the entire area when we heard the dogs barking. Pushing through the bushes, the geologist and I rushed forward - and then I noticed some black animals, quickly running along the side of the mountain.

“Boars,” a thought flashed at once. At the same time, a geologist noticed them. Where can I talk about composure and shooting for sure. I knelt down and fired. But ... the animals continued to run. Overshot!

Suddenly, the dogs barked furiously again. We hurried in the direction of barking. The captain on the move shouted to the sergeant with the geologist to stay in place. As it turned out later, he left them on a boar path along which pigs, leaving the meadow, flee into the forest.

Out of breath, sweating, clinging to thorns, we finally reached the spot. Near a thick bush with an evil bark, our dogs were jumping. Their mouths were wide open, the wool on the scruff stood on end. Dogs all the time sought to break into the bush, but it was so thick and prickly that all their attempts to no avail. They had already left a lot of hair on his spikes; the face of one dog was covered in blood. To help the dogs, I rushed to the bushes and began to try to push their gun trunks. With a terrible crack, literally half a meter away from me, a hefty boar quickly flew out of the bush. It was so unexpected that I did not even have time to shoot. A shot slammed nearby. I turned around. Ten steps behind me the captain stood, the barrel of his rifle was smoking, and beside him lay something big and black. The captain killed the boar. I congratulated the captain on a brilliant shot. Shouting to our comrades, we all with difficulty dragged the beast to the car.

After resting for half an hour, we decided to make another call. This time we all together reached the end of the platform and sat on the boar trail. Dogs stayed in the car. They should have been pulled down by Javat exactly one hour after our departure. A time of languid expectation lasted. But finally, there was a distant barking.

- Raised, driven! - Geologist whispered to me, worried.

The gon came nearer and nearer and now from the bushes steps two hundred from the place of ambush the boar appeared and went right at us. Letting him go for fifteen steps, we shot. The beast fell, driving forward by inertia about a meter.

- Well very well! - exclaimed our Albanian comrades.

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