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Anxiety and its types

Anxiety is an individual personality trait, it expresses a person's tendency to heightened anxiety, anxiety. This happens in those situations that threaten the individual with failures, troubles in the opinion of the individual.
At the psychological level, anxiety is present: nervousness, anxiety, tension, uncertainty, unable to determine the solution of the problem, and other symptoms characteristic of the victim's position. It is difficult to answer the question of what happens to the body while experiencing anxiety. Breathing can both accelerate and slow down, the heart can be pounded, or it can be almost completely slowed down, etc.

There are 3 types of anxiety: adaptive, personal and situational. Adaptive anxiety is the level of anxiety that is useful and effective for normal adaptation to reality. A person does not always fix the signs of danger, so the body on a subconscious level catches signals indicating a possible traumatic situation and triggers a restructuring of the body on a physiological level. Noticing this fact and making the right conclusions, anxiety will be beneficial and appropriate. Also, an increased level of anxiety will interfere with mental, organizational and productive activities.

If you turn to domestic psychology, then anxiety can be divided into 2 key types:
Personal anxiety is the willingness (installation) of the individual to experience fear and anxiety due to a large range of phenomena that are subjective value. Personal anxiety is formed and fixed in early childhood, it acts as a fundamental personality trait.

Personal anxiety - most often it does not go as a single trait, it negatively affects the creation and development of other parties and personal qualities, for example: the motive to avoid failure, the desire to avoid responsibility, the fear of competing with other people.
Situational anxiety is the level of excitement that occurs when certain events occur. It manifests itself in different people in different ways, it can manifest itself in various events, besides, in some people it can manifest itself very clearly, and in others, on the contrary, it does not appear at all. For example, there are people who show unusual anxiety, restlessness on exams, but behave confidently and courageously in other areas of life. Some young people are especially concerned when talking to the opposite sex. Or people who do not perceive talking on the phone.

Anxiety is not a bad trait, but it should be dosed. Having a small level of anxiety helps a person in emergency and dangerous situations. Often it is anxiety that helps to avoid physical and psychological injuries. But if the anxiety is excessive, then it is necessary to fight it, if a person is not able to cope with it, then you should contact the specialists. Here we take a look at some of the best interior design companies in Dubai . A global interior design company led by pioneers in creativity, Luxury Antonovich Design have been behind some of Dubai's most impressive buildings.