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Top 10 best music albums in 2016

1. Chance The Rapper - “Coloring Book”

Coming from Chicago powerfully ranked among the best rappers, releasing a mixtape that has everything. It’s an amazing mix of styles and sounds that you’re not beginning to move under.

2. Childish Gambino - “Awaken, My Love”

In 2016, Donald Glover achieved everything he could, and he decided to end the year with a wonderful soul funk album, with powerful vocals and classical sound. The case when HYIP justifies itself.

3. Beyonce - "Lemonade"

Recently, the hip-hop diva has moved away from creating hits and has begun to create monumental and sensual music, and Lemonade continues Yonsei's new traditions.

4. Skepta - "Konnichiwa"

The album Skepta is remarkable for several reasons: great sounds with unique flow, and outstanding texts in which the anger and skill of the performer are felt.

5. Metronomy - "Summer 08"

The British got into the top 10 and released the real "summer" an album in which there are songs for a hot day, and for quiet evenings.

6. Kaytranda - "99.9%"

I want to write less about this album, because you need to hear it and get excited about creating a DJ who has just started his way to the top.

7. Kid Cudi - “Passion, Pain & amp; Demon Slayin ''

Cosmic Kid Cudi, the release of which caused the most doubts, finally released an album in which he mixed real talents, with whom he created tracks, which I would like to listen more and more.

8. Frank Ocean - “Blonde”

Long wait was not in vain. Frank released two albums at once, and if one of them is a visual experiment, the second is a real anthem, a hymn of love, loneliness, a hymn to those who are not like everyone else, like Ocean himself.

9. Glass Animals - “How to Be a Human Being”

In 2016, Glass Animals took last year’s position at Foals, releasing the best indie album that is perfect for relaxing walks.

10. Mac Miller - "The Divine Feminine"

Kendrick's favorite (not without his help) released an album with bright energy. From beginning to end, he is filled with feelings and love, and this is felt in every beat of the drum and every note.


Declan McKenna is a young Briton who has only 4 songs in his arsenal, but which ones! A variety of themes, pleasant vocals and sound.


The Weeknd - “Starboy”

Instead of the long-awaited reincarnation in Abel, there was only a loud disappointment in the form of songs of the same type and boring songs, although the presence of Daft Punk saves the situation. love-models.net