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Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough - Chapter 9 - Callings

Noctis and the gang go to the city of Altissia to meet with Lunafrey. Here new challenges await the prince, and one of them will be the key to making the boy a real king - using the power of the powerful Leviathan.

Altissia, City on the sea

Recommended Level: 29

Client: Weskham

Experience: 2000

Swim to the city.

There will be a long sequence, with a team sailing to a new city. Once on the ground, head to the line and talk to the guard. The guard will ask for the purpose of the visit - ask Ignis to take care of the problem. This will allow you to get through without paying a bribe (-3000 Gil).

Go to the marker. You will arrive at the gondola. Select Floating Market - Maago as your destination. Go to the bar, talk with the bartender, and then with Camellia.


Recommended Level: 30

Client: Camellia

Experience: 1000

A conversation with Gentiana will open the door to Lucis.

Go to the gondola, select “Leville Station” and enter the hotel building. A conversation with Gentiana will open a new game mechanics. Now you can relax and call Umbra, allowing you to return to Lucis whenever you want. Now you can explore the city if you want.

Do not forget to buy new equipment from the seller of weapons.

Near the hotel there is a seller of weapons. There you can purchase a very good Blood Sword (drains life and heals a character), as well as Thunderbolt and Flame Gun - a powerful weapon that deals elemental damage. After that, use the gondola to get to the "ministerial quarter" and go on negotiations.


Each choice has its consequences - a certain number of hidden points.

Here you will have a long conversation, during which your task is to come to an agreement and gain the trust of Camellia. Each decision has its own score, giving you points for each - at the end of the conversation they will be summarized, and you will receive a reward depending on the number of points you have earned.

Into the fray

Recommended Level: 31

Client: Camellia

Experience: 1500

Block Leviathan attacks.

After a series of cut scenes, you will come across several groups of imperial soldiers. Run straight ahead, destroying enemies in your path. Once you are on the marked balcony, hop onto the Prompto. Now you need to block and resist the attacks of Leviathan and jump on the head of the beast. Select the following dialog options:

Claim her strength

Maintain team tone x2

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