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Straight from the kitchen: Anti-wrinkle facial masks, effective at home

Aging provokes fading skin, loses skin turgor, wrinkles are formed, a very large number of women resort to different ways to reduce them visually or even eliminate them (which is rather difficult without Botox and hyaluronicum injections). Dear cream you may be useful, but there are proven natural ingredients that do the job of reducing and reducing wrinkles is also very good. Here are the top five and the best of them.

Powdered milk

It has a unique and valuable ability to deliver the moisture it needs to our skin. Stir 4 table. spoons of powdered milk with 2 tablespoons of dessert honey and 2 spoons of hot water and apply as a mask on the skin. After the mask is placed on the skin, it is recommended to put a small towel dipped in hot water all over your face, this will help to increase the effectiveness of this mask even more, and after about ten to fifteen minutes wash your face with water.


It has long been rightly considered extremely useful for combating wrinkles. The principle of operation is extremely simple: wash your face, then apply natural honey on the wrinkled areas. After 15-18 minutes (you can even hold it for half an hour if you stand it), wash your face again with water. This skin treatment should be repeated every day. If you do not become lazy and begin to apply honey to the wrinkled areas regularly - even deep wrinkles and creases will become much less visible visually, and the skin on the face will return its turgor, elasticity and velvetyness and smooth out.


It can serve as an ideal natural anti-wrinkle mask with excellent anti-age effect. Two overripe fruits of a banana need to be carefully pureed (it is possible with a blender, since you need to get a homogeneous creamy mass). Spread the banana mask on thoroughly cleansed skin of the face, and after half an hour wash, gently massaging, the face with water. Skin dry, & quot; pressed & quot; to face a towel.

Egg white

It can be extremely effective for home anti-aging care, it helps to visually give the skin a youthful elasticity and youthfulness and perfectly tightens even mature aged skin. Protein should be applied to the washed face, applying in several layers with a sponge and after just 15 minutes, wash thoroughly with water.


Chop thin slices (so it will be better to hold), which impose on a pre-cleansed face. Cucumber juice perfectly helps in the fight against wrinkles, and especially those that are located in the center of the face, significantly improves skin turgor, tightens it, effectively helping to reduce wrinkles, and, moreover, moisturizes and softens the skin. After 20 minutes, lightly rinse the face with water (optional). buy Twitter.com Accounts pandapva24.store