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The main factors increasing the load on the captain

On the Danube, the fleet numbers of the Danube states and the carrying capacity of the ships increased sharply. The intensity of the load associated with navigation, over the past 10 years, according to expert estimates of the captains, has increased about 10 times.

Material liability increases. Compared with the recent past, the average cost of goods transported, freight and ships increased 4 times. Approximately the same increased annual income from traffic in the river abroad, per captain.

The length of foreign trips of PSD ships has increased and has a tendency to further increase (due to the construction of the Danube-Rhine Canal). Currently, the average mileage of 1 ton of cargo has increased by 12%, which in the conditions of the Danube has led to an increase in various types of mooring operations, emergency work.

All this taken together, as well as the progressive aging of the fleet, an increase in the length of the flight, a reduction in the number of crews, a decrease in parking in ports, a lag in the development of the coastal service base caused an increase in the captain's loads.

Usually, a caravan of vessels (non-propelled barges) formed for transportation has an average length of 275 m (including a motorized vessel) and a carrying capacity of about 9 thousand tons. In fact, the towed or pushed caravan turns into a single transport vessel.

At night, monitoring the movement of the river is carried out only by radar, and on ships of various types the radars are located in different places, and the navigator's view of the course line is constantly rejected by 45-60 °, aggravating the already unfavorable working conditions.

Radar posting of a caravan at night is associated with the navigator’s professional duties as a radar operator. The activity of this specialist, as is known, is in one of the first places in terms of neuro-emotional tension. In order to work with the radar, the master needs additional knowledge and skills to work with him when driving the caravan according to its narrowness, which is the Danube in its middle and upper sections.

In these areas, a large illumination of objects (mountains, forests, villages) high above the river level is observed on the radar screen. Radio emission from a low antenna, the effect of “TV”, which is not recommended to look at the screen for a long time and at an angle, the radar screen brightness suggests that working with radar at night and twilight time is a professional feature that should be taken into account when developing a collective agreement in order to prevent a drop in visual acuity and the development of occupational diseases in skippers

The dynamics of the voyage situation (especially when traveling down the river) significantly exceeds the speed of mental processes in a middle-aged man, no matter what experience he has on the Danube. The psyche of the navigator aged 40-50 years cannot with impunity for a long time withstand the modern rapid pace of navigation on the river. Viagra en ligne pas cher https://www.kamelef.mobi/viagra-faq.html achat Viagra pas cher