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Review of the Chinese P1W 2.4 video recorder

Chinese video recorder P1W 2.4?

Recently, I became interested in - what kind of "beast" is this, DVR? To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to order it on the Chinese site. The thing is not so necessary yet, so you can wait - why overpay?

What is a DVR? When I asked this question, I realized that when choosing it, reliability and good quality of the video being played are most important. Therefore, when I chose the model, I was guided, basically, by precisely such criteria.

First impressions about buying

The package came surprisingly quickly - in just 12 days. Opening the package, I found the actual recorder, charger through the cigarette lighter, mount, HDMI cable and mini USB. They also put there a couple of stickers, advertising leaflets and a user manual. The user manual is in English, but the device itself works in addition to the native Chinese in several languages, including Russian.

How it works?

The device is assembled quite high quality, the material also leaves nothing to be desired. No squeaks are observed, gaps too.

The mount moves freely.

The SD connector and the power button are on the left hand, this should be taken into account when choosing a location for installation. On the right side I find two data connectors - HDMI and mini USB.

Below there is a hole under the microphone. On the front panel - control buttons: two buttons to navigate the menu, record, confirm the selection. The record button can also be used to quickly save a fragment in an emergency. For many users, this feature is one of the main.

Advantages and advantages of the product

Speaking about the benefits, the most important of them is the ability to record HD video. The device can write in three types of resolution: 1920x1080 (30 fps), 1440x1080 (30 fps) and 1280x720 (30 fps). True, if you write video in full HD format, then a memory card (maximum 32 GB) will be enough for a while. On the other hand, on a high-quality video, everything is clearly visible, should it happen that no one will have any doubts.

There is a fourfold digital zoom. You can also write sound (for this there is a separate item in the menu), it is written quite well.

Video is recorded continuously, files for 5 minutes. As in the video cameras, the division into files occurs automatically, without interrupting the recording, which makes it possible later to simply glue them on the computer.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of the product

Despite the declared “wide angle”, the viewing angle turned out to be really small.

The translation into Russian in the device itself is rather clumsy, so for those who know English, it’s probably better to use it.

The only negative in the quality of the video is a fuzzy display of the date.

Tronsmart P600 123

Purchase Statement

In conclusion, I can say that for its low price, the recorder shows a very good video quality, and therefore worthy to take its place in the car. hire software developers