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Computer game review Portal 2. Part 2

This round, very talkative and in some places clumsy companion offers his help to Chell, and also provides information on how to get out of the dilapidated complex as quickly as possible. The protagonist eventually decides to cooperate with his new friend and finding the well-known Portal Gun on the way, with his head held high, headed for the cherished exit. And it seemed for the first time in so much time that everything would finally turn out as planned and ahead of me only freedom, beautiful natural landscapes, fresh air and scorching sun await.

Of course, Wheatley would not have been himself if he hadn't screwed up in such a simple situation, having derailed all the previously thought-out plan. The fact is that this globular talker not only could not find a suitable toggle switch for launching an elevator system, and instead, pressing a bunch of different buttons, restored the power of the central computer system of the entire complex, thereby launching GLaDOS. The awakened AI was incredibly happy to see in front of him his favorite researcher, more precisely the guinea pig, and had prepared several dozen new test chambers.

Therefore, Chell for the second time will have to work well for the benefit of scientific and technological progress, but without the promise of a sweet cake. Such is the plot of the game, we turn to the review of the technical and gameplay features of this game project. From a technical point of view, the game was not very different from the previous part of the series, since the developers used the Source Engine game engine, which was proven by time, to continue using it. Similar words should be said if you pay attention to the sequel's key gameplay mechanics.

As before, all that is in the Chell's arsenal for successfully passing test levels is the above described ASHPD (Aperture Science Quantum Tunneling Device) or just the Portal Gun and a pair of Long Fall Boots, which replaced the AKR (Advanced Knee Replacement). At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing new in the sequel, but this statement will not be entirely true. Developers still managed to bring several innovations to Portal 2. The first of these was a full storyline, which, thanks to the efforts of the writers, consisted of nine separate chapters.

This, in turn, had a positive effect on the overall duration of the game, since it was necessary to spend a good six - 7:00 on passing the sequel, instead of the two that were with the original Portal. The second innovation should be considered a greater variety of test rooms. In addition to the familiar automatic turrets, pools with toxic waste and non-working platforms, test chambers found a place for transport funnels, light bridges, lasers and four types of liquids, more precisely gels, which gave the surfaces various properties. Ceci citrate de sildénafil levant l'ingrédient actif du Viagra puis cela vardénafil orient l'ingrédient capital avec Levitra . Les deux appartiennent au groupe garantis inhibiteurs à l'égard de cette PDE- 5 et sont, au instant où nous-mêmes écrivons, les traitements les davantage efficaces près l'impuissance.