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Frost is not a red nose

In the cold, as you know, the nose turns red. Someone perceives it as a normal phenomenon, but for someone the red nose turns into a nightmare, since the concept of female beauty with a red clown nose somehow does not fit.

Dress for the weather

Most often this is the most effective way. The nose turns red when we are cold, so that a warm hat, and even better a hood, can be the most effective way to redden the nose.

Thick foundation and green makeup base

Green bases muffle the red, and dense tonal means obscure it. Pay attention to pharmaceutical foundation creams designed to hide redness and skin damage.

The main disadvantages of this method are far from completely concealing the reddening and the fact that all these tricks are quickly lubricated with a handkerchief. In winter, the nose not only turns red, it often also runs out of it without a handkerchief or disposable napkin. Here a compact tonal framework can help, which is usually quite dense, but at the same time mercilessly emphasizes all peeling.

Proper care

In winter, a reddening nose is best not to scrub and get rid of mechanical cleanings. If without this, then try the strips for the nose and sparing enzyme and acid peels. Do such cleansing before bedtime or 5-6 hours before going outside.

Apply on the nose oily nourishing creams and do not forget about products with a high level of UV protection for both the nose and the entire face and neck.

Popular way to protect the nose from redness - ghee or animal fat for 20-30 minutes before going out.


To prevent blood from flowing to the nose, discard hot and strong drinks and hot spices. If you have nowhere without coffee, then try replacing hot coffee with cold or at least warm. Chocolate, marinades and smoked foods are also recommended to be excluded from the winter diet. Although in the period of continuous holidays, all this looks too ascetic.


Take a soothing bath before bedtime, drink soothing herbal or herbal pills. Redness can be caused not only by external factors, but also by an alarming and / or suspicious state. Try to improve relations with yourself, perhaps, then the red will go away.

Contrast compresses and balancing

Make a lime blossom (chamomile, immortelle, mint) with boiling water (2 tablespoons per glass of water, leave for 20-30 minutes) and rub the skin 2-3 times a day.

Make contrast gadgets of hot infusions of herbs and cold water (hold each for 10 minutes). In cold water, you can dissolve baking soda (1 tsp per cup).

If gadgets seem too annoying to you, just put a gauze or a wide bandage dipped in hot herbal tea or green tea of ​​medium strength for 20-30 minutes.

Contrasting washings also help from the redness of the nose and the entire face, followed by rubbing the face with a piece of ice, which can also be prepared on herbs.

Consultation with a doctor

This, as usual, we leave at last. But it is still necessary to keep in mind that the redness of both the nose and the entire face can be associated with serious skin problems and diseases of the internal organs, so you should still go to the doctor and check. As tempting as it may be to claim all 100% free bonus money or free spins. Verschwenden Sie Ihre Zeit nicht mit Boni mit unrealistisch hohen Wettanforderungen. Seien Sie anspruchsvoll und halten Sie Ausschau nach den besten Boni ohne Einzahlung, wie sie auf dieser Website aufgeführt sind. Um sicherzustellen, dass Sie den größten Gewinn für Ihr Bonusgeld erzielen, sollten Sie sich an Spiele halten, die für die Erfüllung der Bonuswettanforderungen am wichtigsten sind. Wenn Sie sich für Blackjack entscheiden, müssen Sie andere Spiele spielen, um die restlichen 70% des Einsatzes zu machen. Wählen Sie Ihre Spiele also mit Bedacht aus, um die Bonuswette zu erfüllen