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Paper Bag Making

Paper bags are a popular packaging for gifts and various products. There are infinitely many options for printing and finishing paper bags. Bags can be made from a variety of different materials, which allows you to give them an individual, unique style. To make paper bags in accordance with your wishes, we can choose a specific type of paper, bag handles, its finish, logo application options. Our designers and technologists will help you with this.

Kraft bags, offset paper bags

Some of the most inexpensive.

 Kraft paper refers to packaging materials. This is an environmentally friendly type of brown or white paper. Products from it are used for food, for packing clothes, books, boxes. High-quality paper bags are made from kraft paper when the requirements for high strength and moisture resistance are imposed on paper.

Laminated Paper Bags

High-quality and durable. Such packages are great for exhibitions and presentations, corporate gifts with a company logo and packaging of goods in stores. Coated paper or cardboard bags are laminated with a matte or glossy film. It gives paper bags density and durability. Laminated bags have a finished and high-quality look.

Paper bags from efalin and polylit

Bags made of efalin, polylit and imitlin are durable and wear-resistant. These packages do not require lamination. One of the advantages of binding materials is the variety of colors - bags are obtained in color inside, as well as outside. Paper bags of these materials are used as gift or corporate.

Paper bags from designer papers

Packages of designer papers - room for imagination. Hundreds of collections and thousands of samples of leading foreign paper suppliers will allow you to achieve true quality packages. This is an expensive and stylish material. A variety of textures and textures allows you to make paper bags, one hundred percent combined with your image and appropriate to your corporate style.

Fancy paper bags

Paper bags from various materials, non-standard shapes: in the form of a trapezoid, concave trapezoid, bags with cut-through windows, with handles made of non-standard materials. We will be happy to help you realize your every idea. We will do it quickly and technologically. Our technologists will help you choose the right paper and will develop a custom shape for your package.

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