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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - all weapons and gadgets

Round menu, description of the weapon that Billy uses.

Billy Lurk has in his arsenal a deadly weapon, but also one that incapacitates enemies. The weapon we use determines our style of play. In open combat, sword fighting and blocking skills will be useful. You will be sure that you will often use your power in stealth and slow down the fire during the kill. An electric rocket will be useful to people who prefer to immobilize enemies at a distance, without the need to kill them.

Weapons and Gadgets

All weapons and gadgets, as well as forces are available from the menu. When we call them, we have the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts (keyboard - PC version and crosses - consoles) for each weapon, gadget and power.

Slow fire - works like a crossbow and bolts. A well-aimed shot in the head can kill for the first time. Otherwise, you need to hit the enemy several times to eliminate him. The weapon is great for destroying individual targets at a distance, thanks to the ability to use the sight with an approximation;

Ignition bolt - works on the principle of slow fire, but this weapon fires bolts that set fire to enemies. This is great for eliminating groups of opponents that are close to each other. A timely shot can kill not only the person we are shooting at, but also the enemies standing next to it. Can also be used to destroy bloody nests.

Electric bullet - works on the principle of a "sleeping bolt", which we encountered in Dishonored 2. After hitting the target, this person will be disabled. Especially useful if you do not want to kill the enemies you encounter.

Grenades (regular, hyperbaric) - all of them are used to eliminate groups of opponents that are close to each other. The key to using this weapon is the proper use of a grenade to deal damage to more enemies. Each grenade can be held before a throw, so we delay its ignition. A hyperbaric grenade produces a shock wave, while a Velcro grenade attaches to the ground, walls, and people.

Hina is a trap that throws itself on a wall or ground. When the enemy approaches her, she catches him and kills or stuns him (depending on the regime, which we can change at any time). This is useful for small groups of opponents. The first one can be killed or disabled at a distance, and the next one, which runs towards us, will fall into the trap of a mine trap - of course - if we have already installed it.

A spring blade is a type of trap that can be attached to a wall or ground. It differs from a hook mine in that, firstly, it kills opponents, and secondly, you cannot throw it - you need to approach the object to which you want to attach a spring blade.

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