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The Studio


Before we really settled in to our house, I took meetings with new clients at coffee shops.  It definitely wasn’t my favorite.  Finding a good table wasn’t easy, it was always loud and so awkward staring people down as they walked through the door to try to figure out if they were the ones I was meeting.  It was a few years into my business before I really transformed the formal living room into a meeting space.  Best.Decision.Ever.  It’s quiet, the coffee is great and I’m positive that the first couple walking in the door is the couple I’m waiting for.

I didn’t think I’d made too many changes here in the last few years, but I just recently saw a photo from the Glitter Guide feature (and a few more on this post) and realized it’s almost completely different!   I’m on the hunt for a new coffee table, but I’m so happy with how this room has slowly transformed.  A little less antique, slightly more modern and so many colors!  And even more functional!   When McC was born, we juggled all of our rooms and the studio pulls double-duty as my office too.  A much more efficient use of the space and that ENORMOUS cabinet.  So, a little update on the studio space!


Hazelnut Photography Studio_0001.jpgPIN
Hazelnut Photography Studio_0002.jpgPIN
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