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This is my first weekend hanging out at home instead of behind the camera.  And while I absolutely love spending my time back there, I was thrilled to have a weekend to catch up on home stuff.  I reorganized the closet, reupholstered a chair, watched Chris lay tile, bought some grey nail polish, ate french toast, sat in front of the fire and nursed a suddenly stuffy nose/itchy throat.  Ohh, and I edited some beautiful images.


Jen & Brett drove all the way from Reno to shoot with me.  OK, well, not so much with me ๐Ÿ™‚  They were my second couple of the day at the big Trash the Dress shoot last week and I was lucky enough to shoot them.   Her dress, her hair, her makeup, that veil, ahhh, to die for.  Another couple who was down to do whatever I told them to do.  Fantastic!




I sat alone on a bench outside South of The Border, a little Mexican restaurant in Raleigh, NC.  It was just getting dark and there was a fantastic it’s-fall-in-North-Carolina nip in the air.  As I lazily watched the cars drive by I was shocked out of daydreaming.  A strange man was standing over me, chatting with me as if I knew him.  "How are you!?"  "What’s going on?!" 

I stared at him with what must have been a completely empty gaze … was I supposed to know this person or was he crazy? He obviously knew who I was.  I racked my brain… high school? No.  Home? No. College? No. Elementary School?  I was reaching.  Digging into the corners of my brain while trying to maintain a conversation without having to ask him who he was.

Then the accent slipped… he dropped every single one of his R’s.   And I noticed the tiny little socks on his hat.  Jerkface… what a kidder this one was!  I knew we were meeting some of Mary’s friends at the resturant and I’d heard about this Hazel kid.  She said he was cute.  And fun.  And from Boston.  That’s all I knew about him. 

That night we had dinner.  We went to a movie.  I met his parents.  We had drinks with friends.  He kissed me.

Then I realized that it was a blind date.  Blind to me.  Blind to him.  Blind to everyone except Mary.  I was in town from college.  He was in town from Los Angeles.  And the timing was perfect.

Two years flew by.  I graduated.  Moved to LA.  Worked.  We bought a condo.  Life was fabulous.  And on our two year anniversary we went up to Santa Barbara.  In the hot tub he gave me an ugly bracelet and then threw a beautiful ring at my head before getting down on one knee to ask me for my forever. 

Mary – thank you for having the vision of my perfect life four years ago.  I adore you dearest!

Chris – I love you.


That night – four years ago!  (Can you believe that I fell in love with a man who wore Nike arm bands?)


I had the most amazing opportunity to join Chris Austin , 13 other photographers and a big bunch of brides and grooms at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside on Sunday.  There was lots of shooting.  And laughing.  And creativity.  And learning. 

Each of the fantastic brides & grooms I shot will be getting their own post… so I’m going to start with my most challenging.  See, by the time I began shooting Dana and Hunter the sun was nearly gone.  The beautiful golden hour had passed and we were at dusk.  Then twilight.  Then night.  Pitch.Black.Night.  So, for the first time, I broke out all kinds of flash action and had them popping all over the place.  It was awesome and I am BEYOND thrilled with the results. 

And I MUST thank Dana and Hunter for being amazing and patient and FIERCE!  Seriously, ridiculously, fierce.  I absolutely adore this couple.  First, his hair is amazing.  Second, they were down for anything.  She even bought a dress that we could destroy.  If I asked it, it was done… with more enthusiasm than I’ve ever seen in my life.  I said "do you think a person could fit between these tires?" and before I knew it, she was wedged all the back there!  Third, I already knew her (here’s where I sound like a stalker.)  Dana is The Broke-Ass Bride!  Somewhere along the line I came across her blog and I liked her.  I really liked her.  It had been a bit since I’d checked in on her, but now we can be friends in real life ๐Ÿ™‚

Anywho, I know she’s dying for some images… so here you go!


Brett & Tracy are perfection together!  And they knew it immediately after meeting each other.  They’re dancing to a beautiful beat, Tracy leading with a boisterious laugh.  And then, in the blink of an eye, he’s melting into Bretts calmer nature.  It’s an amazing thing to see… two people who truly love each other, making a lifelong commitment. 

They tied the knot at the beautiful Bacara Resort & Spa.   Stunningly beautiful even.  From the lobby to the beach to the courtyards to the greens… it’s all a perfect location.

Brett & Tracy spent the morning together, getting massages and relaxing.  By the time I arrived, they didn’t have a care in the world! 

The ceremony was held on a cliff overlooking the water.  But instead of walking from the back, down the aisle and to the front, the entire party walked up the cliff and into the front of the ceremony. 

The food & drink was a serious consideration for this couple.  The cold seafood bar and martini bar at the cocktail hour lead into a decadent seven course meal with wine pairings and flowing Dom Perignon.  Everyone was giddily stuffed!

The band kept the dance floor moving all night with 80’s cover songs.

There was a slight slipup whereby there were no knives with which to cut the cake come cake cutting time.  So, the ever resourceful Tracy got creative.  Perhaps this is the first cake ever cut with a room key.

CONGRATULATIONS Brett & Tracy!  I am so excited for the two of you and feel beyond blessed to have captured your big day! I hope that you’re having a fantastic time in Bora Bora… kick back a martini for me ๐Ÿ˜‰