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I was driving home on Tuesday from a breakfast meeting when I was absolutely overcome with how amazingly blessed I have been this year.  Waves of gratitude rushed over me as I jammed out to Frank Sinatra with my windows down and sunroof open.  2008 has been beyond fantastic for me: I married the love of my life, uncovered my passion and started to do something about it, bought a house and am lucky enough to cozy up next to my hubby covered in sawdust/polyurethane/caulk/paint/whatever-he-did-to-create-our-dream-h ouse-today.  It’s been a good year and we still have a month to go!

So, as I drove home, knocking on wood that this isn’t just a dream that I will soon wake up from, I realized that I need to do something.  I needed to give to someone.  Now.

So on Wednesday Chris and I headed down to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help prepare for today’s feast!  There were so many people and I was giddily excited to be working alongside others that were so happy to give back to their community.  It was a good day!

Unfortunately, Chris threw a hissy fit when I told him I was going to take my camera with us.  So, no pictures of us in our super sexy aprons and extra large green latex gloves.  But, we did get a super cool fork/pen to commemorate the volunteer work. 


Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your many blessings ๐Ÿ™‚



Crystal is getting married in less than a month!  So I’m incredibly excited that we were able to squeeze in a boudoir session with just a few short weeks until the BIG day.

I always like my clients to think of locations that are special to them, a location that will give this shoot a deeper meaning.  Crystal landed on their wedding venue and I thought it was absolutely adorable!   We had a fantastic time and I love the images that we created.   I hope she does too ๐Ÿ™‚

Crystal has some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.  They’re almost blue/grey.  Stunning.


Saturday’s shoot was super special to me… boudoir on the Beach.  And it was so special because I actually shot my boudoir on this exact same beach just over a year ago!  Crissy Farah was the awesome genius behind mine!

So when Kristin wanted to shoot on the same beach I got giggly excited.  And when I realized that how super amazing this woman was, I got jump-up-and-down giggly excited.  She rocked my camera to the ends of the Earth.  Seriously.  And she brought me a bottle of wine.  Adorable, no?

I’m going to have to be honest at this part… Kristin ran this entire shoot.  I just kind of sat back and slammed my right pointer finger in rapid fire onto the shutter.  I’d pick an area and then she’d go wild… moving, jumping, rolling, and being utterly sexy the entire time.

She was worried that her face looked weird… can you imagine!?

So, shooting in the water is BEYOND difficult.  And this one nearly made me spit Diet 7up onto my monitor.

Kristin is training to be a yoga & pilates instructor.


 Thank you Kristin.  For being absolutely and utterly and beyond amazing.  I hope that Jeremy adores these ๐Ÿ™‚

 I was super excited to get a call from Carson Day about second shooting for him.  Here I was thinking that I’d shot my last wedding of 2008 and I get an opportunity to do another one.  YAH!

We had a fantastic time with Carolina & Mario… a super sweet and adorable couple.  Good friends, good food and the most fantastic car I’ve had the pleasure of shooting… what more could you ask for!?