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I’ve always wanted to work for myself. Since I was a kid.  To be responsible for my future, working my own hours and occasionally spending an entire Tuesday in my pjs while still being super productive… That’s a fantastic life, no?  And because I’m the most determined stubborn person I know, I knew it would happen.  I just wasn’t sure what exactly it was that I would be doing!

But not too long ago, my hobby became my passion.  I’ve been kicking my ass for the last few months… Early mornings, late evenings, everyday. Edit, work, edit, sleep, repeat.  Throw in lots of shooting, very little cooking and nearly nonexistent cleaning and you’re looking at my last year ๐Ÿ™‚

I had two jobs.  One that paid the mortgage and another that feed my soul.  As of today, I am a one career woman.  One job that takes care of my soul and my mortgage!

I thought it would take me many many months more to reach this point and I am beyond thrilled to have made it here sooner than expected!  I am so incredibly blessed to be able to do what I love on a daily basis.  I can’t thank my beautiful clients enough for trusting me with their memories.  And thereby making my dreams become reality.

So it’s a big day here in the Hazelnut house!  I’ve been giddily walking on air for weeks now and I don’t think the silly grin has been wiped from my face.  Because really,  watching your every dream come true… well, there’s nothing better than that!




I am amazed at the people I’ve met since I’ve started this little business that is totally blowing up on me.  Absolutely amazed.  Not only am I lucky enough to be able to do what I love day in and day out, but I am able to do it with generous, awesome and amazing people that I admire. 

Danielle & Ben are getting married in August.  She sent her contract back to me in a little box.  With a soap.  Wrapped in a paper with a print that reminded her of my background.   I did a little giddy dance.  How thoughtful!

Thank you Danielle & Ben!  I’m super excited for August!

I am a bit spontaneous.  Perhaps impulsive.  I can change my mind on a whim.  But I am always happy with my results!

Like last Friday.  I decided that my hair was a hot mess and it needed to be cut.  Today.  I was able to score an appointment at one of my salons (I have a few.  I tend to do this.  Need haircuts STAT. So I have a few on speed dial!)

I sat down in the chair.  She asked what I wanted and I said, ohhh, just a little trim.  It was about shoulder length. 

I head back to get washed.  And something happened back there.  I changed my mind.  And then on the way back to the chair, I decided.  Cut it all off ๐Ÿ™‚



I’m SOOOO happy with it!  So light and easy.  I definitely think I have way to much hair, and am way to short to rock the long hair.  It looks like a Chewbacca on my head.


I met Dennise through Gabby & Ruthie.  She hired me a while back to set up a photobooth at her reception.  She thought it might be fun for them.  But I think it may even be more fun for me!  This group was absolutely fantastic, utterly hilarious and a joy to hang out with.  A wild and excited crowd makes my job so much easier!

But I really have to hand it to her nephews… they were AMAZING.  Some of the most creative little boys I’ve ever met in my entire life.  You’ll know which ones they are… they kept coming back for more!


Enjoy the Slideshow!

(note – you might want to let it load for a while before playing… it’s a doozy of a show!)


I LOVE fancy cocktails.  And I am a spoiled girl…Chris whips up a fantastic cucumber martini for me whenever I ask ๐Ÿ™‚

Social asked that I shoot some of their holiday cocktails.  And as the professional photographer, I really like to have a feel for my subject.  Get to know them.  Understand them.  So I was required to taste them.  And they are FANTASTIC!  Not a bad job I have, eh?

I would highly recommend you get down there for a night out on the town and partake in some holiday spirits!

You can read all about the concoctions and see some pretty pictures here and here.