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They met two years ago to the day.  At a bowling alley.  She was dressed like a bum.  He just had to meet her. 

I was THRILLED to shoot Matt & Rosie’s wedding.  January weddings will always hold a special place in my heart!   And it was my first time even visiting San Juan Capistrano.  It is beautiful there!  They were married at Rancho Capistrano and the grounds lent us some fantastic backdrops.  Rosie looked absolutely stunning, with many thanks to Berit and Ronda (updostylist@gmail.com).

Rosie is vivacious and has the most piercing blue eyes.  We spent most of our shoot time giggling.  Matt is more reserved and make the perfect serene complement to Rosie’s vigor.   They were an absolute pleasure to shoot.  Both were calm and relaxed, allowing Chris and I to do what we came to do.

Thank you Matt & Rosie, for letting us be a part of your day.  Hope that the honeymoon is absolutely fantastic, that your lounge chair is comfy and that your Pina Coladas are tasty!


Chris hung out with the guys, while I spent some time with the ladies.

There were many many rings shots.  I’m thoroughly thrilled with the new lens and it’s AHHHHmazing performance.

Rosie’s dad seeing her for the first time.


Peeking in on the ceremony setup.

I love a grooms expression when he sees his bride for the first time. 

Chris caught one of the flowergirls taking a mid-ceremony snooze.

Another of Chris’… it might be my favorite from the day!

At the reception, they danced the Hora.  Rosie’s dad was in the middle!


Congratulations you two!


The last 365 have been full of love and hope.  They’ve been full of the new and interlaced with the comfortable. They’ve been spent travelling around the world and then coming home to a new home.   There’s been support, tears, laughter, pain, tickle sessions, encouragment and lots of testing the waters.  We’ve taken the proverbial jump in more ways that one, supported by the other.  It’s been nothing short of beautiful.


Just 365 days ago we stood in front of our very closest family and friends.   In a short, yet poignant, ceremony we pledged our entire lives to each other.  Chris promised to always keep my wine glass full, to hold me so tight while I slept that I would elbow him and to push me around in the nursing home. Some beautiful words came out of my mouth too, but I can’t remember them and no one else heard them.  Too many tears.  Such giddily happy tears.

We are so incredibly lucky to have found each other.  Absolutely blessed. 

The wedding planning was such fun for me.  The details and the vendors and the little ends that needed to be tied up.  I loved it!  But the marriage building has been so much more.  I feel so blessed to wake up each morning and elbow Chris until he frees me from his warm grip.

I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us.  Our first year of marriage was incredible, and I hear it’s supposed to be the toughest.  If that’s the case, the rest of our lives should be pretty awesome.


All Photos courtesy of Rob Holley.

I’m thinking there should be a Tidbit Tuesday… you know, all those little tidbits that don’t really warrant full posts, but are nonetheless blogworthy.  Perhaps I’ll take to doing that.  But today is Friday, so we’re already off to a rocky start.

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Anywho,  first things first… new email address!  I’m now at jordana@hazelnutphotography.com.  I’ll still be picking things up at the old address for a bit longer, but we’re moving on with the new in 2009!

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I also finally gave in to Twitter!  You can follow me at www.twitter.com/JordanaHazel.  At first I thought it was dumb.  Then I joined and am currently obsessed with it.  It’s almost like mini blogging!  You can read all about my disasterous jumprope skills and some fantastic Pad Thai.  Clearly, very interesting things. 

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It was a big week for my camera bag.  She has a new little one to protect!  We welcomed the 105 Micro earlier this week and it’s already doing some amazing things.  It will also do some amazing work with the details of your details!  Super excited to spend more time than necessary with the rings at the wedding tomorrow!

It’s also quite nice on the portrait end.  Jack did some modeling for me and he HATES to model.

But he’s learning to rock it 🙂

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Happy Friday!  We were considering going out for a bit tonight, but honestly, the sound of a glass of wine and a movie sounds magical.



I had the great pleasure of shooting Next Level in Switzerland, a brand spankin’ new personal training space!   Such an amazingly awesome staff with two fantastic personal trainers, Raphy & Samir.  Made me long for the gym actually as it’s been WAAAY to long since I have graced it with my own presence.   Well, it made me long for a Next Level-esque space here in LA.  Lots of light, fantastic equipment and an all around beautiful space.  Unfortunately, I figured, once you add in the travel time, heading to Zurich for personal training wasn’t really all that effective  🙂

We shot the space and a bit of Raphy in action.



Then it was time to great creative.  We turned off all of the lights and played around with some off camera flashes.  I can’t be more pleased with the results! 



If you’re ever in Zurich, and happen to need a FANTASTIC workout, stop by!


We left Paris super early and flew to Switzerland.

Switzerland is Beautiful!  Downtown Zurich is super quaint, with these little cobble stoned streets and shops.  I had zero expectations of Zurich… well, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I would definitely go back.

I took this shot with a 50 mm lens.  I was nearly on top of him before he flew away!

We spend Christmas Eve on the Top of Zurich.  It’s a beautiful restaurant on the top of a mountain!  You park at the bottom, then hike through the woods up to a train.  When the train drops you off, you hike some more to the top of the mountain where (if it had been less foggy) you can see all of Zurich.

The food was AHHHHHMazing.  I’m not quite sure what we had, as it’s all in German, but it doesn’t matter.  It was fantastic.

There was entertainment too!  A gospel singer from Philadelphia!  (how random)  She was as good as the food was.

When it’s all done, you roll yourself down the mountain, onto the train, and then down to the parking lot.  Quite possibly, the most amazing Christmas Eve to date.

On Christmas day we had big plans to wake up early and ski in the Alps.  Not too early though, we thought we’d let our bodies wake us up.  (Bad choice)  At 2 pm we rolled over to realize that the day was nearly over and that we’d missed any opportunity to ski!  And since everything was closed, we curled up with some movies, cheese and a bottle of wine!  Not a bad way to spend a Christmas day!