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Jennifer and I had a blast together.  It was really more fun than work should ever really be! We laughed and joked and giggled.  We chatted about our lives, our menfolk, our jobs and general goodness.   And we took some pictures 🙂

Jennifer is REALLY excited to see a few.  Like, more than anyone has ever been before.  So, less words, more pictures.

I have a favorite hike in Los Angeles.  I try to make it once a week, to exercise, chat with whomever wants to come along and generally clear my mind.  It’s so nice to get out of the city without ever having to leave it.

So, I’ve known for a very very long time that I’ve wanted to shoot in these woods.  And it’s quite likely, that if you’ve asked me for my opinion on where to shoot, I’ve thrown out "the woods" as an option.  These are those woods and I can’t be more thrilled to have had the opportunity to lug lots of heavy equipment through the woods with Nicole and Gigi.

So, it was the three of us.  Hiking through the woods with high heels peeking out of bags and equipment and makeup and lots of outfits on hangers… we must have looked ridiculous.  Actually, as we were hiking from one location to the next, a passerby asked if we were heading to the dry cleaners.  So, yes, we definitely looked ridiculous. 

Nicole picked Gigi (who doesn’t have a blog yet, but will in the quite near future because I’ve told her that she should, ggzmakeup@gmail.com) to handle her hair and makeup.  The girl looked stunning.  Then Gigi was there for the touch ups and the quick changes.  The three of us giggled our way through the woods, shooting for nearly four hours!  We made it back to our cars just as the sky was meandering from dusk into pitch blackness.  It was absolute perfection.



We moved upstairs!  I left Chris on Sunday for a few client meetings.  He was finishing up the crown molding and base boards.  When I came back five hours later, he had moved all of our furniture from downstairs.  It looks so amazing and I kind of want to spend all of my time up there.  Now I get to jump in to do my job… the prettying it all up and making it feel like home.  This part also includes shopping, which is awesome.

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So now that we’re upstairs, I get to move into my office… wheeeee!  I’m currently working on the furniture situation.  In general, I love it when furniture has a bit of history and everything is pieced together, not part of a set.  So I’ve been collecting pieces for the past four months.  Some from flea markets, a bit of Craig’s List, a bit of new stuff.  I found these amazing chairs, stripped them and then had them reupholstered.  Picked them up last week and they are fantastic!  Today I stripped and refinished a giant desk.  While I definitely feel that each piece is so much more unique and personal, I will be quite happy to be done with it all.

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At our wedding last January I was in the best shape of my life.  The gym was part of my daily routine and I felt fantastic.  But then the wedding was over.  And I didn’t really have too much motivation.  Then there was the busy season, and the house, and lots of work to do.  So, now I am in less than the best shape of my life.  Today I attended a Boot Camp class at my gym.  I nearly died.  Also, my jump roping skills are in serious need of improvement.

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I finally designed our wedding album!  Just about a year late…

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I have recently become obsessed with tea.  And tea lattes.  There are approximately 12 different kinds of tea in my cabinet.  It makes me feel so warm and cuddly while edited.  And then Coffee Bean has these tea lattes that are fabulous.  The Pomegranate Blueberry is near heavenly.

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I’ve never really been a fan of area rugs.  But now that we have an entire house of hardwood floors, Chris has forced me to begin buying them.  We currently have five.  That seems like a lot of area rugs.

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Hope your Tuesday was beautiful!

Working 90ish hours a week last year was really tough.  Juggling the mortgage job workload and the love job workload wasn’t easy.  I spent a lot of time working.  But it made me really happy and was worth every single hour at the computer.  But it had a few perks. 

See, we bought a house in September.  A beautiful Swedish/Spanish/Mountain fusion house (odd, yes?)  Well, perhaps beautiful is a bit of a stretch.  This house was a house that only a mother could love.  It had been run into the ground for years.  "Upgrades" were, well, not so much an upgrade as simply shoddy handiwork.  But we could see the beauty in her.  We could see what she was when she was brand new over 80 years ago… and we wanted to bring her back.

Here’s where the perks of work come in.  I was too busy to actually do the work.  So Chris got to pull up tile and paint walls and tear down some other walls.  Occasionally I would pop in, hammer some tiles and then give him a kiss goodbye… but really, that’s been the extent of it.  Lucky girl, eh?

But now I don’t really have the "I have a TOOOON of work to do" excuse.  Well, I do have a TOOOOON of work to do, but I have the flexibility now to manage it.   So, I made a dent in some of the work today.  I painted!

This was taken the day we closed!  The carpets were DISGUSTING, the closets were icky, there was filth everywhere.  This also happens to be the day that our dearestmostamazingcouldn’tlivewithouther cleaning lady stopped by.  For many hours. 

Since this photo, the carpets have been ripped up to reveal amazing ORIGINAL hardwood floors.  Well, directly underneath the carpet was a layer of red paint and then a layer of yellow paint and THEN amazing ORIGINAL hardwood floors.  Chris has spent weeks up there, pulling out nails and staples, stripping the paint and sanding the floors.  Then he stained them an amazing coffee black and finished it off with a glossy varnish.  They’re stunning!

And right behind me in the photo there once existed a gross pair of sliding glass doors.  They were perpetually stuck and you had to jiggly just right to move the door juuust enough to slip out.  There now exists a beautiful pair of french doors that open with the slight move of a handle.

He also ripped out that icky puny ittybittytiny closet, built an arch with stairs that lead into a 200 square foot closet that he and his dad built out of empty attic space.  I kid with him that I’ll take the new closet, and he can have that very nice one on the left.  But maybe I’m not kidding.  No, I kid, I kid.

Seriously, how lucky am I to have snagged this guy!?

So, I felt the need to put my stamp on the room today.  The first coat of paint is up and tomorrow will see the second.  Then comes the moulding and perhaps we can move into our bedroom.

This lucky girl is giddy with excitement!