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I am SOOOO happy to be posting this session, for a few reasons.  The first being that Kelsey & Scott are some of the most adorable people I’ve ever met… remember their engagement session?  The second being that I’ve been working on it for six days, have made so many technical phone calls to all of the internet people I know and have come so so so close to just throwing the entire computer out the front window, selling the house and moving to the mountains where technology doesn’t exist.  It’s been fun kids.

BUT, here it is, one of my favorite maternity sessions.  Worth all of the time and effort it took to bring it to the internet!

Kelsey & Scott are expecting a little boy, just a few days before Chris & I are planning on a little girl!   They wanted to keep the session really natural, focusing on the two of them and that growing bump, and I love love love it.  The location was perfect, these two have only fallen more for each other over the years and I think that baby will be the most amazing addition to their family.

Kelsey & Scott – Thank you so much for trekking all over SoCal and this enormous field with me!   I have the best time with the two of you and can’t wait to get our little ones together!  I’m so excited to meet him!



It’s wedding season y’all!   And wedding session kicks off with lots of engagement sessions!  I think engagement sessions are so important… such great practice for your wedding day and such a wonderful time for the three of us to really get to know each other.  Although I don’t ever require that my clients do them, I really encourage it.  I like getting to know you, I want to know how the two of you interact with one another and I like that you’ll have this images documenting this time in your life.  Not necessarily when you’re all made up and wearing a beautiful gown, but just when you’re with the one that you love in a special place.  Plus, it’s fun 🙂

This one with S & D at Hartley Botanica was pretty lovely. The gardens were so lush and everything is so green right now! I’d never shot there before actually, and I was so thrilled to test out a new location.  I love that D’s daughter came along and that we were able to shoot a bit of this new growing family.  Plus, she was a super great location scout and picked some great spots for us to shoot!   I’m so thrilled for their wedding in just a few months at Hummingbird Nest Ranch (one of my favorite venues!)  It should be pretty spectacular.

S & D – Thank you so much for choosing me to document this time for you!  It was an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait to see the three of you in May!


Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0008.jpgHartley Botanica Engagement Session_0001.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0002.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0003.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0004.jpg
PINHartley Botanica Engagement Session_0005.jpgHartley Botanica Engagement Session_0007.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0009.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0010.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0011.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0012.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0013.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0014.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0015.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0016.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0017.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0018.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0019.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0020.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0021.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0022.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0023.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0024.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0025.jpg
Hartley Botanica Engagement Session_0026.jpg


The other day I was flipping through some travel photography to update my print shop, Wandering Through.  And I got antsy.  Antsy to go out and shoot something that was just pretty and fun and just for me.  So I texted Heidi, and convinced her to go on a Photo Field Trip with me.  I didn’t know where I wanted to go, I just knew I wanted to go.  She came up with the almond blossoms fields and we headed up the 5 North until we hit them.  Our first find wasn’t quite ready for shooting, so we drove further in off the freeway and hit gold!   It was exactly what we were looking for.  We tailgate picnicked, shot the gorgeous blooms, she shot a few of me and then I shot a few of her.

It felt so good to just get out from behind my computer, to go out and to shoot something just because we can shoot something.  I spent the week feeling refreshed and inspired and excited about this job I get to do everyday.  I’m a pretty lucky lady.
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0001.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0002.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0003.jpg
PINPhoto Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0005.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0006.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0007.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0008.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0009.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0010.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0011.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0012.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0013.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0014.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0015.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0016.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0017.jpg
Photo Field Trip Almond Blossoms_0018.jpg

And one of my favorites from my darling Heidi Ryder.



I honestly can’t even imagine getting married today.  There’s so much inspiration out there, so much more than when I got married!   So many beautiful things to see and so much inspiration to pull for your own wedding.  Today there were two Hazelnut features, even more pretty to ogle!




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