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Ohh tiny little babies, with their tiny little legs and their perfect little feet… They are so fantastic and newborn shoots are one of my favorites to photograph, albeit, one of the toughest.  But Harley, this little one was such a perfect little rockstar and made it all so easy on her parents and I!  She likes to keep one eye open, never missing anything going on around her and she fought going to sleep like a champ.  But those few sleeping pictures at the end of our session, those are always the best and totally worth all the time and energy it takes to get them there.  Hey, first photoshoots are really exciting!
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0001.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0002.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0003.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0004.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0005.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0006.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0007.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0008.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0009.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0010.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0011.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0012.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0013.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0014.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0015.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0016.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0017.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0018.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0019.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0020.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0021.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0022.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0023.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0024.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0025.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0026.jpg

This Aden + Anais Swaddle is from J.Crew, and I am obsessed with it 🙂

Harley Newborn Session At Home_0027.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0028.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0029.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0030.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0031.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0032.jpg
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0033.jpg


Linh & Brian had the loveliest wedding a few years ago.  On the one hand, it seems like yesterday.  On the other, it seems like a lifetime ago.  It was a day full of love & laughter and these two haven’t changed a bit.  They made a new addition, the super adorable Katie, and she has the same vivaciousness that her parents have.  I was so happy to see these two again!  And meeting their little one, I was so happy!  It’s always so great to see my couples long after their day has passed!

Katie, Linh & Brian – Thank you!   Thank you for such a great session!   You three are such a good time and I was so happy to spend the morning with you!  Thank you for having me!

At Home Family Session_0001.jpg
At Home Family Session_0002.jpg
At Home Family Session_0003.jpg
At Home Family Session_0004.jpg
At Home Family Session_0005.jpg
At Home Family Session_0006.jpg
At Home Family Session_0007.jpg
At Home Family Session_0008.jpg
At Home Family Session_0009.jpg
At Home Family Session_0010.jpg
At Home Family Session_0011.jpg
At Home Family Session_0012.jpg
At Home Family Session_0013.jpg
At Home Family Session_0014.jpg
At Home Family Session_0015.jpg
At Home Family Session_0016.jpg
At Home Family Session_0017.jpg
At Home Family Session_0018.jpg
At Home Family Session_0019.jpg
At Home Family Session_0020.jpg
At Home Family Session_0021.jpg
At Home Family Session_0022.jpg
At Home Family Session_0023.jpg
At Home Family Session_0024.jpg
At Home Family Session_0025.jpg
At Home Family Session_0026.jpg
At Home Family Session_0027.jpg


There are people in this world that are kind, and generous, and beautiful inside & out.  I adored Marisa the moment I met her a few months ago.  I was so excited to meet Greg at our engagement session and knew that if Marisa liked him, I probably would too.  These two… these two are so much fun and I felt like we’d known each other for years.  Shooting their session was pretty amazing, cold, but amazing and I’m pretty sure that their wedding next year will be one of my favorites in 2015.

Marisa & Greg – It was all so wonderful!   Thank you for being such rockstars!   I couldn’t be more excited about your wedding next year… I just hate that we have to wait so long!  See you soon!


Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0001.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0002.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0003.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0004.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0005.jpg

Marisa & Greg actually met at The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, so they brought a bottle along!
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0006.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0007.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0008.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0009.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0010.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0011.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0012.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0013.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0014.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0015.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0016.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0017.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0018.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0019.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0020.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0021.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0022.jpg
Vintage Porsche Beach Engagement Session_0023.jpg


Well, I think wedding albums are important.  Although, I may be a little be biased.  It’s so fulfilling to see my images as a final product.  To hold the tangible, weighty and beautiful culmination of what can be months of hard work and decisions and collaboration.  It’s a beautiful beautiful thing my friends and I am so proud to hand these albums over to my clients.  I know that they will cherish these books for many years to come and that they become prized possessions.  It makes all of the time, effort and money that goes into them totally worth it.

This all seems right and good in theory.   But on Sunday, I met Linh & Brians daughter for the first time at their first family session.   I shot their wedding years ago, and it seems like a lifetime ago that I handed over their album.  I was so happy when Linh pulled it out at the end of our session.  Katie had never seen the album, and they wanted to show her their wedding day.

And watching Katie flip through this album for the first time was incredible.   Seeing her see her parents as a bride & groom, pointing out her aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents in these images that I shot for them… it was amazing and incredible and beautiful and overwhelming and I am so happy I got to see it.

So, get a wedding album… either from your photographer or from one of the amazing companies that create beautiful books.  Get those images out of your computer and into a single, tangible book that highlights every amazing moment of your incredible day.  You will be proud to show it off to the generations that follow you. People, it’s a beautiful thing!






Six years ago, we bought a house that was, well, not so pretty.   We’ve spent the last six years tearing down rooms and building them back up into places we wanted to share with our friends and families.  It has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life.  And finally, FINALLY, it is ready to share with the world!   Heather Kincaid shot the most beautiful images of my favorite places in the world and I will be forever indebted to her for documenting this home.  I will cherish these images forever and ever!  Moira Taylor Paris made me look oh so pretty.   And those girls at Floral Crush… well, flowers make everything so much better and they did an amazing job!


There’s a whole post over on Glitter Guide today, you can see it here!  And keep an eye over on Cocktails for Breakfast… I think I’m going to do some before and afters.  It’s so hard to believe that this is the same place that it was six years ago.   Now, to just dig up those old images!