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Bienvenidos a Miami

I really like to travel.  A lot.  I recently had to send in my passport for renewal and I had this unshakeable feeling of being trapped in this country.  I had no plans to travel, there was no way that I’d be leaving the country in the few weeks that my passport was out get a fresh new look, but I couldn’t help it.  I hated that I couldn’t jump on a plan and be on some tropical island or perusing exotic markets if I wanted.
So, any opportunity that arises in Chris’ work schedule and I have plane tickets in hand.  This time, we’re heading to Miami for a few beautiful days of sunshine and Atlantic Ocean.  A little bit of a birthday present for the two of us (we’re just a few weeks apart actually) and a little bit we-just-happen-to-have-a-few-days-in-a-row-with-no-commitments.


I’ll be back to business on April 2!  Have a beautiful day!



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