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Christine & Robby: The Wedding

Saturday was a beautiful day.  Just the right temperature, a clear sky and a warm sun.  It was a perfect day for a wedding.


Christine & Robby kept me giggling all day long.  They just fall into each other, the perfect counterparts.  His silliness to her impeccable attention to detail.  He just stares at her, blown away by the woman that will be his wife.  It’s beautiful to watch them together. 

The absolute joy that they share with their friends and family is contagious and I felt welcomed immediately. I spent most of the day with the guys, getting ready and documenting their sheer ridiculousness.  I’ve got to hand it to them, they handled some scary situations with ease… and really, a pair of tuxedo pants with a few missing inches isn’t that big of a deal  🙂


We were a paparazzi style team!  There was a Sarah K. Chen, Jonilyn and Jacob Atmodjojo.  I don’t think there was a single shot missed all night!  And a HUUUUGE thank you to Amanda Auer and her team for coordinating a fantastically smooth event.

On to the eye candy!



She gave him boudoir pictures…


And he gave her a new laptop!



The ring went down the aisle inside a frog.






The first sight…


















Congratulations Robbie & Christine!  May you lives be full of love, laughter and champagne.

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