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Next Level Personal Training


I had the great pleasure of shooting Next Level in Switzerland, a brand spankin’ new personal training space!   Such an amazingly awesome staff with two fantastic personal trainers, Raphy & Samir.  Made me long for the gym actually as it’s been WAAAY to long since I have graced it with my own presence.   Well, it made me long for a Next Level-esque space here in LA.  Lots of light, fantastic equipment and an all around beautiful space.  Unfortunately, I figured, once you add in the travel time, heading to Zurich for personal training wasn’t really all that effective  🙂

We shot the space and a bit of Raphy in action.



Then it was time to great creative.  We turned off all of the lights and played around with some off camera flashes.  I can’t be more pleased with the results! 



If you’re ever in Zurich, and happen to need a FANTASTIC workout, stop by!

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