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Jenn & Mike: The Engagement

I’m a Southern girl.  While neither of my parents are, I was raised in North Carolina and definitely consider myself Southern.  So, when Southern Weddings Magazine was created I fell head over heels in love.  So much incredible goodness.  And I was thrilled when they picked up Jenn & Mike’s engagement session for their blog!  Definitely go take a look see and fall in love with their perfect Southern hospitality.

In 1952 Mikes’ great-grandfather bought a brand new truck, fresh off the lot.  It was gorgeous and he loved it.  Later that year, he packed his entire family into it and drove across the country to settle in Southern California.  Over the years, as everything does,  it fell into disrepair.

Nearly sixty years later, Mike, his father and his brother have given it back it’s glory, refurbishing it from the bottom up.  It is now his pride & joy!   Well, right after Jenn.  And I’m sure their Australian shepherd, Sawyer, falls somewhere close!  So, when I began talking to Jenn & Mike about their engagement session, a few things were very clear to be important.  The truck.  The dog.  And their favorite pastime, camping.   (They’ve even planned their October wedding to fall on an annual camping trip weekend… so their anniversary will always be commemorated in nature!)

And it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Jenn & Mike are so incredibly fun, so relaxed, so absolutely in love with each other.  With the amazing setting, props and light, I just stood back and kept my finger on the shutter.

Jenn & Mike – Your session was so absolutely incredible.  Because it was unique.  Because it represented you.  Because it was simple.  Because you two are so much fun!  One of my favorites to date and I couldn’t be more thrilled to do it all over again for your wedding!





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