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The people in the wedding industry are really really incredible people and I’m lucky to call a lot of them my good friends.  Not my good work friends, but my good real-life-I’m-having-a-crisis friends.  I consistently ask myself how lucky I am to know them!   So, it would make sense to me that their industry friends would be pretty incredible people too.   When I go to networking events, meeting those people are the highlights of my evening.  But it’s loud, you’re pulled in a million directions and there are so many lovely people to hug and catch up with, that it’s usually a brief encounter.  I wanted to get to know them better, I didn’t want to yell over a crowd and I didn’t want to leave my house.  So, I hatched a plan.

Plus One Lunches.  I invite three of my good industry/real life friends, and they in turn invite one of their industry friends.  I cooked a few simple things (the butternut squash recipe is here!), opened a few bottles of rosé and we gathered around the table.  We talked about real life and work life.  We had an impromptu How to Take Better Instagram Photos.  We talked about where we’d been and where we were hoping to go… with our lives and our businesses.  We shared and we laughed and I kicked myself repeatedly for having this amazing idea a year ago and never doing anything about it.  But it’s going to be a monthly thing now and I can’t wait to see how it all evolves!





Jessi of You & Me Events, Heidi of Heidi Ryder Photography, Yoleine of Yellow Bird Events, Kacee of Kacee Geoffroy Hair & Makeup & Amanda of Rosebud Floral Design were my fantastic first guests and made it so easy.  I was nervous, thinking that this whole thing was crazy and we would just stare at each other with nothing to say.  But that was silly because these ladies are incredible 🙂  Thank you so much loves! 

I didn’t take any pictures while there were people here, and I really must get better at that (next time!).  But there are a few on the instagram, under the hashtag #plusonelunch



The worst part of my job is culling.  At an average 8 hour wedding, my second shooter and I will snap about 5,000 frames.  And on Tuesday, I spend about 8 hours going through each and every one of them.  I shoot a lot, to hope I can snag one that has everyone smiling, at me, with open eyes (it’s significantly harder than you might imagine) or to make sure I’m getting the perfect angle on the incredible bouquet.  So, even though I can narrow it down to the amazing 800-1000 images that you’ll see, I have to dig through 4,000 that hit the cutting room floor.  It’s tedious and boring and I curse myself every week for shooting way too much.  I literally stand up and clap for myself when I’m done.  This usually wakes Basil and he looks at me confused and disoriented.

But, the 800-1000 picks that I fall in love with make it so good, and the images my second shooter takes of me are like the icing on the cake.  Some of them are truly truly terrible, and I can’t share them because I’m embarrassed.  But I keep a folder for the other ones and will glance through it at the end of the year.   Here are a few of the behind the scenes from 2014… well, maybe not so much behind the scenes, as in the middle of the scene.  You know.  🙂

Plus One Lunch_0002.jpgPIN

Light testing pictures are always ridiculous.  I should get a better pose for them I think.
Plus One Lunch_0003.jpgPIN
Plus One Lunch_0004.jpgPIN
Plus One Lunch_0005.jpgPIN
Plus One Lunch_0006.jpgPIN
Plus One Lunch_0007.jpgPIN


Where all the magic happens!  Ha, I guess… its’ where all the behind the scenes happens, and that’s kind of magic 🙂

In 2008, Chris & I bought an enormous fixer-upper of a house.  We’ve spent six years renovating it, stripping each room down to its bones and building it back up.  It has been an incredible process, one of the most amazing adventures we’ve had…  tough and expensive, but an amazing test of our skills and resources.  Also, we have fun and it makes me look at my husband with so much pride and love.  Working together on these projects makes our marriage stronger, and for that, I love him even more.

Today I’m sharing a bit about my office over on my personal blog, Cocktails For Breakfast… you can see the post here!  Enjoy!

Office Renovation_0013.jpgPIN


The Hazels are growing!


If you follow me on Instagram, I actually posted about our new addition a while ago!  And then never thought to talk about it on the blog.  So, here’s the newest of the updates… Baby Hazel is a SHE, which was super shocking to both Chris & I, as we’d been calling her him for about 10 weeks.  We’re hoping for my nose and Chris’ ankles, and it looks like we might be right!  She’s healthy and growing, I’m feeling totally normal and also growing.  Because it’s been such a run-of-the-mill and super easy (knock on wood) pregnancy, it’s hard to believe that it’s a real thing!   But this week, we’re rearranging the house to prepare for her arrival and all the new stuff that comes with her.  When that crib arrives, I’m guessing the realness of it all will start to settle in!

From a photography standpoint, I’m going to be taking 2015 a little bit slower than normal.  I want to make sure that I can give my full attention to the clients that I do photograph, so I will only be booking about half of the weddings I normally would.  I’m nearing my limit for the season, so if you’re interested in booking a 2015 wedding, let me know soon!   Other than that, I’m hoping to keep things running as normally as possible when our world flips around on itself!  It’s going to be a great year kids 🙂


Ohh tiny little babies, with their tiny little legs and their perfect little feet… They are so fantastic and newborn shoots are one of my favorites to photograph, albeit, one of the toughest.  But Harley, this little one was such a perfect little rockstar and made it all so easy on her parents and I!  She likes to keep one eye open, never missing anything going on around her and she fought going to sleep like a champ.  But those few sleeping pictures at the end of our session, those are always the best and totally worth all the time and energy it takes to get them there.  Hey, first photoshoots are really exciting!
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0001.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0002.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0003.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0004.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0005.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0006.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0007.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0008.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0009.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0010.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0011.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0012.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0013.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0014.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0015.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0016.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0017.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0018.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0019.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0020.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0021.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0022.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0023.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0024.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0025.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0026.jpgPIN

This Aden + Anais Swaddle is from J.Crew, and I am obsessed with it 🙂

Harley Newborn Session At Home_0027.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0028.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0029.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0030.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0031.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0032.jpgPIN
Harley Newborn Session At Home_0033.jpgPIN