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As my day is dictated by an 11 pound writhing little pink person, I’ve definitely juggled my work flow to be a little more efficient.  Sadly, blogging is getting pushed to the very end of the priority list and this poor little corner of the internet has been so ignored lately.   I’ll make this quick, before the little one wakes up for more cuddle times!

Shaun & Ashley – you two are pretty fantastic and I had such a beautiful afternoon getting to know you better!  I couldn’t be more excited for you as you take this next step.  So many congratulations!
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I can’t believe it’s been three months. Whew, they aren’t kidding when they say that time will fly by and she will grow up so quickly!  McCarty Rhone Hazel was born May 21, weighing 6 lbs 6 oz and measuring 18 inches.  It was all super crazy and I wrote about her early arrival on my personal blog.  Those first few months all seem like a blur.  There was so much going on and we were just trying to take it all in before it changed again (it all changed every day!)  But we’re so lucky, McCarty is a great little baby and we’re having such a great time learning all about her!

But, since it was all such a blur in those early days, I am sooooo glad my friend Heather came over to shoot these images of the three of us.  I had obviously planned on doing a newborn shoot.  I think they’re so important.  But, I never got around to planning one.  I thought I had a few weeks to get all that in order, but our little one was early and I didn’t have any time to do anything!   And then she was here and the idea of getting dressed and made up seemed crazy.   I was so swollen.  I couldn’t walk.  I didn’t have anything to wear.  My whole body was just puffy and I felt like a hot mess.  But Heather reminded me of how short this newborn phase was going to be and how much McCarty was going to change in just a few short weeks.  Oh man, she was right.  McCarty changes daily and today I can just vaguely remember that tiny sleepy little person that she was just three short months ago.  I’m so glad that we have these beautiful and timeless photos that include all three of us before she started to grow up.  I’m so happy that I took a bit of time to wash my hair and put on makeup to feel a little bit like a normal person in those weeks when I was really upside down.  And while I still remember the absolute crazy mess that I felt I was, these photos will remind me of the beauty and magic that a newborn brings into your life.

So, email your photographer long before you think you’re going to have that baby and pick out a flowy dress that will accommodate that rapidly changing body and just do it.   Because you won’t ever get that time back, and documenting it is oh so important!  While today you might just see the sleepy eyes and swollen body, in the not-so-distant future you will see the tiny person and the enormous love that just rocked your whole world.

Heather – thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!  This session will be cherished forever and I can’t wait to show McCarty how much she was loved from day 1!   You are an angel and I appreciate you so much.  Love you darling!


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We finished up in an empty parking lot overlooking the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Classical music filled the night air and Erika & Ernest danced together, reminding how lucky I am to do what I do.  It was so incredible and this is one of my new favorite sessions!

They wanted something a little different, and I was so happy when Erika mentioned shooting in the evening.  It’s not something that I get to do a lot of, and something that always makes me a little nervous.  Something new & different.  But I’m always so thrilled with the results and I’m so happy these two were down to experiment with me!  We started around the time I would normally finish a session, catching the last little bits of light from the gardens at The Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Then we wandered around the area, taking advantage of the darkening sky and the city lights.  These two, clearly head over heels for one another, made magic.  And it all makes me so happy!

Erika & Ernest – I couldn’t be more excited for your wedding!  All the practice paid off… you were perfect!  I couldn’t be more excited for your wedding, it’s going to be incredible!  See you in a few months!

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You’d think that I would have had it all together.  Had lots of ideas I wanted to try out.  Really done all the things that I had ever envisioned.  Because I was going to be on the other side of the camera and we could do whatever I wanted.  Push the envelope and test the limits.  But in reality, I was already 31 weeks pregnant and I hadn’t even thought much about doing a maternity session.  Crazy, right?!  I mean, I KNOW how important it is to document your life.  I talk about it all the time.  And I really and truly believe it.  But the actually getting around to doing it, it’s tough.

I’m so lucky that Ala just told me she was coming over and to be ready for her.  Because I am so so so thankful that we have these images from before McCarty decided to make her entrance into this world. She may very well be our only child, so the days of round bellies might be behind me.  Having these images reminds me of that very brief moment in time when I had rock hard abs and really enjoyed the way I looked in a body con dress.  While I felt super bloated and like my face might explode, these images remind me of the absolute miracle of pregnancy.  And while my face looks so funny to me, and I hope it never ever looks quite so large again, I am so happy to be able to have these to share with my daughter.  I hope she knows how much she was loved, even before she arrived.

So, if you’re on the fence.  Or you think that your face looks to weird.  Or that you waited too long.  Or anything.  Stop.  You get this one brief moment in time to document the craziest thing that your body will ever do. Hold on to it, it will be over before you know it.

Ala – you are the absolute best and I can never thank you enough for making sure that we did this.  It’s so important and I am forever grateful to your beautiful face.  Thank you so much darling!

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I’m trying something a little special this year!  On Saturday May 2, I’m hosting Mothers Day Mini Sessions at my home studio in North Hollywood!  Sessions will be shot against a white backdrop with a focus on simple and classic black & white images.   These could be used for families, kids of all ages, maternity sessions, anyone you want to get in front of my camera!  We’ll shoot for about 25 minutes, you’ll receive 25 images via digital download the following week and sessions will be $250.  There are limited spots available, so if you want one or have any questions, shoot me an email at jordana@hazelnutphotography.com.

Hope to see you there!