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I can’t even believe that McCarty is a year old.  It’s ridiculous how quickly this year has flown past me and I could go on and on about how crazy it all is.   But, for now, I’m just going to brag for a minute on how much fun putting together her first birthday party was.  It was oh so much work, and I’m real glad that it’s over, but I don’t think I’ve laughed as much as I did in the months prior.

See, she shares a birthday with Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious BIG.  The theme wasn’t going to be cute and pretty, but it was going to be clever and fun.  Obviously she hated most of it, and cried whenever I tried to put the crown on her beautiful little noggin’.  But, these parties are more for us parents anyway, and Chris & I had a blast 🙂  Style Me Pretty Living featured it today, go take a look see right heresmp livingPIN


Sometimes wedding days are really tough.  Because it’s really hot or really cold, or the timeline is really tight, or we’re just running around to capture everything we can at a really large venue.  And sometimes, wedding days are a dream.  Because the weather is perfect and the timeline is generous and the venue  offers so many options in a nice walkable area.

Saturday was a dream!  Melissa & Robbie are two pretty fantastic people and documenting their day was so lovely!  We had a perfectly overcast June Gloom afternoon at Limoneria Ranch.  The most incredible flowers by Wildflowers were the perfect pops of amazing color bouncing off the grey sky.  And that Samantha Hall Events kept us on track so everything flowed so wonderfully!  It was the kind of day that makes me so happy to be a photographer.

Melissa & Robbie – you’re the best!  Thank you so much for the most wonderful day!  It was an absolute pleasure and I’m so happy to have been able to document it for you.  Thank you thank you thank you for being such amazing clients!

Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0001.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0002.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0003.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0004.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0005.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0006.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0007.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0008.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0009.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0010.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0011.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0012.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0013.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0014.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0015.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0016.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0017.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0018.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0019.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0020.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0021.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0022.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0023.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0024.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0025.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0026.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0027.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0028.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0029.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0030.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0031.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0033.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0034.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0035.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0036.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0037.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0038.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0039.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0040.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0041.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0042.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0043.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0044.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0045.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0046.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0047.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0048.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0049.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0050.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0051.jpgPINColorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0053.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0052.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0054.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0055.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0056.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0057.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0058.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0059.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0060.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0061.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0062.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0070.jpgPINColorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0063.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0064.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0065.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0066.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0067.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0068.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0069.jpgPIN

Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0071.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0072.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0073.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0074.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0075.jpgPIN
Colorful Limoneria Ranch Wedding_0076.jpgPIN

  • Sherri Contreras

    Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the photos of Robbie and Melissa’s wedding.


They met on an airplane.  How many stars had to align for that to happen?  To be going to the same place, on the same day, on the same plane.  For two people who are so clearly meant to be with one another, I’m so happy that all of those stars aligned!  I’m sure there isn’t a more adorable “how we met” story in the world!

Ashleigh & Seth are one of the most adorable couples… so happy, so vivacious, so much fun to be around.  I’m so happy to have been part of their incredible day at The Athenaeum!  I loved every single classic detail, every sweet surprise and the most incredible dance party!   It was the wedding day that makes my job the absolute best!

Ashleigh & Seth – so so so many congratulations!  It was the best day and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you!  I hope you’re having the best time in Hawaii!


Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0001.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0002.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0003.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0004.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0005.jpgPINClassic Athenaeum Wedding_0007.jpgPIN

Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0008.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0009.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0010.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0011.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0012.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0013.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0014.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0015.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0016.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0017.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0018.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0019.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0020.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0021.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0022.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0023.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0024.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0025.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0026.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0027.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0028.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0029.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0030.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0031.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0032.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0033.jpgPINClassic Athenaeum Wedding_0038.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0034.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0035.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0036.jpgPIN

Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0039.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0040.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0041.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0042.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0043.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0044.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0045.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0046.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0047.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0048.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0049.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0050.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0051.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0052.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0053.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0054.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0055.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0056.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0057.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0058.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0059.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0060.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0061.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0062.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0063.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0064.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0065.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0066.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0067.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0068.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0069.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0070.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0071.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0072.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0073.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0074.jpgPINClassic Athenaeum Wedding_0089.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0075.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0076.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0077.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0078.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0079.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0080.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0081.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0082.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0083.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0084.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0085.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0086.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0087.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0088.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0090.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0091.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0092.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0093.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0094.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0095.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0096.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0097.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0098.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0099.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0100.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0101.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0102.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0103.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0104.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0105.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0106.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0107.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0108.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0109.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0111.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0112.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0113.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0114.jpgPINClassic Athenaeum Wedding_0117.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0115.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0116.jpgPIN
Classic Athenaeum Wedding_0118.jpgPIN


Courtney is the most adorable woman you’ll ever meet.  She’s kind and funny and beyond gracious.  She worked with my husband years ago and is just the loveliest.  So when she emailed me and told me she was engaged (yah!) I knew that Brian would be just as amazing as she is.  And obviously I was right.  These two are incredible lights and being with them makes you a happier person.  We laughed, a lot.  They nuzzled, a lot.  And I am so happy with these images.  I couldn’t be more excited for their Saddlerock Ranch wedding in October!

Courtney & Brian – you two are the best and I am so happy to know you!  Documenting your wedding is going to be the highlight of my Autumn 🙂

Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0001.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0002.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0003.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0004.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0005.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0006.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0007.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0008.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0009.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0010.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0011.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0012.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0013.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0014.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0015.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0016.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0017.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0018.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0019.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0020.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0021.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0023.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0024.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0025.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0026.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0027.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0028.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0029.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0030.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0031.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0032.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0033.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0034.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0035.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0036.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0037.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0038.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0039.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0040.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0041.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0042.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0043.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0044.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0045.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0046.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0047.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0048.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0049.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0050.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0051.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0052.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0053.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0054.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0055.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0056.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0057.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0058.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0059.jpgPIN
Woodsy Griffith Park Engagement Session_0060.jpgPIN

I am so so so happy to see Erica & Bens gorgeous Avalon Palm Springs wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake yesterday!  It was such a perfect day with the lovely ladies of Bold House Creative & The Bloomin Gypsy and I’m so thrilled that I can finally share it!   Take a peek at the feature for all of the amazing details!


Design / Bold House Creative  :  Venue / Avalon Hotel Palm Springs  :  Florist / The Bloomin Gypsy  :  Videographer / MADA Weddings  :  Hair / Nancy Juarez  :  Makeup / Sandra Dee Collins  :  Rentals / Signature Rentals  :  DJ / Who’s That DJ  :  Cake & Donuts / Over The Rainbow Desserts  :  Dress / Monique Lhuillier  :  Shoes / Stuart Weitzman  :  Day of Coordination / Lorena Molina

Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0001.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0002.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0097.jpgPINModern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0003.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0004.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0005.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0006.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0007.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0008.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0009.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0010.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0011.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0012.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0013.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0014.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0015.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0016.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0017.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0018.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0019.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0020.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0021.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0022.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0023.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0024.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0025.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0026.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0027.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0029.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0028.jpgPINModern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0030.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0031.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0032.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0033.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0036.jpgPINModern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0034.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0035.jpgPIN

Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0037.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0038.jpgPIN

Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0041.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0042.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0043.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0044.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0045.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0046.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0047.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0048.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0049.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0050.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0051.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0052.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0053.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0054.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0055.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0056.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0057.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0058.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0059.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0060.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0061.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0062.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0063.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0064.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0065.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0066.jpgPINModern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0070.jpgPIN

Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0069.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0071.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0072.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0073.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0074.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0075.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0076.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0077.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0078.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0079.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0080.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0081.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0095.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0083.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0084.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0085.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0086.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0087.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0088.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0089.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0090.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0091.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0092.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0093.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0094.jpgPIN
Modern Lush Palm Springs Avalon Wedding_0096.jpgPIN

  • WHAT! This wedding is amazing and you captured every detail so beautifully. I can’t help but think this is the perfect “hazelnut photography wedding”!