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Welcome, and thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere! My name is Jordana Hazel and I am a Los Angeles based wedding photographer. What began as a little hobby grew and became my passion. I've loved photography most of my life and feel incredibly lucky to have been able to make it my career. I am beyond honored to capture couples before, during and after the biggest step their relationship will ever take.

My website will give you a great idea of who I am as a person and as a photographer. But, you'll find my most recent work & a few personal ramblings here... go take a peek!

Should you have any questions, please shoot over an email (jordana@hazelnutphotography.com) or use the contact page on my website. I am super excited to hear from you!


April 8th, 2014

Allison & Zach: The Westin Mission Hills Wedding


Allison & Zach met when they were kids, and have been friends for many many years.  Their lives were intertwined way before they became a couple five years ago, when the timing was finally perfect.  I’m so happy that that time finally came around, because these two are pretty amazing.  They seem to be one of those couples that only strive to make the other better.  Individually, they are lovely.  Together, they are wonderful.

They were married out in the desert on Saturday, in a sweet ceremony overlooking the mountains and the golf course at The Westin Mission Hills.  Their florals, crafted by the lovely ladies of Floral Crush were magnificent.  It was a hot day, but we couldn’t have asked for lovelier light and a prettier evening.

Allison & Zach – So many congratulations!   I am so happy for the two of you and hope that Bali is treating you well!  Enjoy the images!

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April 7th, 2014

Merima & Dan: The Santa Barbara Courthouse Elopement


I love an elopement… just two people madly in love with one another and an officiant.  That’s all you need really.   I was thrilled to get Merima’s email about shooting their elopement at the Santa Barbra Courthouse, one of my favorite locations.   Merima is a photographer, so she and Dan just get photography.  They understand light and posing and location, all of which made my job so much fun and a whole lot easier!

Merima & Dan rented the loveliest little cottage in Montecito, where they got ready.  As we were leaving for the Courthouse, it started to rain, a little drizzle and then pretty heavily.  These two took in stride, no panic, no anxiety.  And when we walked out to the ceremony, the sky had cleared and it was absolutely perfect for their ceremony.

Merima & Dan – Thank you so much for choosing me to document this beautiful day for the two of you.  You were both absolutely amazing and a joy to photograph.  It was such a lovely day and I’m so happy for the two of you.  Congratulations!

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March 27th, 2014

The Manasans: The Little Corona Beach Family Shoot


Documenting my couples as they become parents is really beautiful.  Having been there when two people become a family is really special, but then when they add more people, that’s something beautiful and I’m so happy to see it.

I shot Regina & Rowel’s wedding a few years ago at Westlake Village Inn. They are just the loveliest couple and it has been so wonderful to know them and Rowels’ daughter Myria.  So, when we had dinner last year, and they told us they were expecting, I was so thrilled for them!   And even more excited to get the email that baby Tyler had been born, and they were ready for their first shoot as a family of four.

Tyler is just perfect.  He was so happy to hang out with us on the beach, smiling and laughing through the wind and the cold.  He seems to be one of the most easy-going babies I’ve ever shot and that grin.. that grin is something special.  I could photograph that face all day every day.  I couldn’t be any happier for these guys!

Manasans – Congratulations!  I’m so thrilled for you and so happy to finally meet little Tyler.  You all are so wonderful and it was so great to see you!

Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0001.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0002.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0003.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0004.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0005.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0006.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0007.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0008.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0009.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0010.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0011.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0012.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0013.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0014.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0015.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0016.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0017.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0018.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0019.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0020.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0021.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0022.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0023.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0024.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0025.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0026.jpg
Little Corona Beach Family Photography_0027.jpg

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March 20th, 2014

Mason: The Newborn Session


I actually shot Jennifer & Joubins’ wedding last year at Casa del Mar.  It was an intimate affair with their closest family members, I thought it was such a beautiful start to a marriage.  So, when I heard from Jen that they’d just had a new baby, I was so excited for them!

And this new addition, Mason, is absolutely adorable!   And all that hair!   Ah, a baby with so much hair makes me so happy! At just three weeks, he’s so alert, so tiny, so sweet… he was the loveliest little model and such an exciting addition to the already fantastic Jennifer, Joubin & Johnny!  He’s racking up lots and lots of kisses from the family and is perfecting his cuddling technique.  I think all four of them will be experts in no time at all!

Jennifer, Joubin, Johnny & Mason – It was such a pleasure to see you all again, and so amazing to document this new time for your family.  So much congratulations to you all!

Mason Newborn Session_0001.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0002.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0003.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0004.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0005.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0006.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0007.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0008.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0009.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0010.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0011.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0012.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0013.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0014.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0015.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0016.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0017.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0018.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0019.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0020.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0021.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0022.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0023.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0024.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0025.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0026.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0027.jpg
Mason Newborn Session_0028.jpg

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March 19th, 2014

Erin & Brian: The Sailing Engagement Session


They met at a bottomless mimosa brunch.   And I think that their story wins for best “How I Met My Love” story that there ever was.  Because I enjoy a bottomless mimosa brunch.  And because I really enjoy Erin & Brian.

Erin & Brian are so much fun.  They don’t take life too seriously and their session was one of the most relaxed I’ve ever shot.  They are so good at just being together, which sounds odd, but can look really awkward.  These two killed it and made my job so easy! When they told me at our initial meeting that they might want to shoot their engagement session on their boat, I was so excited.  And it was absolutely everything I hoped it could be.   Erin & Brian were fantastic and we had a fantastic afternoon out on the open seas.  They are two pretty amazing people and their session was such a lovely start to my year!

Erin & Brian – I couldn’t possibly be more excited for your wedding!  You two radiate warmth and your love for each other just makes me happy.  Thank you for making these lovely images with me!
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0001.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0002.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0003.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0004.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0005.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0006.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0007.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0008.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0009.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0010.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0011.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0012.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0013.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0014.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0015.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0016.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0017.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0018.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0019.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0020.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0021.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0022.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0023.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0024.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0025.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0026.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0027.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0028.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0029.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0030.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0031.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0032.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0033.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0034.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0035.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0038.jpgSail Boat Engagement Session_0036.jpg
Sail Boat Engagement Session_0037.jpg

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March 18th, 2014

Wandering Through… A Print Shop!


Traveling is my favorite.  And photography runs a close second.  So, when we’re on vacation, I take a lot of photos.  Chris Hazel would say it was too many.  But I think stopping, breathing it all in, documenting it for those times I’m jut itching to get on a plane and go somewhere… I think it’s good.  I think it’s necessary.

But getting those photos off my computer and on to my walls proves difficult.  It’s always the project that gets moved to the back of the line for me.  That thing I always mean to do, but then never really get around to doing.  I’ve done some recently and just love them so much, I wanted to share.  So there now exists a Wandering Through Print Shop!  Head over, take a look and maybe get a little bit of European pretty for your own walls.  These little snaps make me so happy, hope they do the same for you!

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March 7th, 2014

Ashley & Brett: The Beverly Wilshire Wedding


I knew from the moment that I met them, we would be a perfect match.  I wanted to be best friends with them, and that’s always something that I’m looking for in my clients.   We spend a lot of time together, it’s important.  Ashley & Brett love to travel.  Seeing and experiencing all the world has to offer is important, and something that they love to do together.  Brett has lived all over the world and Ashley has a deep affinity for all things Parisian.  The ornate trims and classic color scheme of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills was the absolutely perfect backdrop for their nuptials.  The hotel has a rich history in Southern California, but each detail is a nod toward the rich European aesthetic.

Ashley took notes from their incredible venue and create a classic, lush wedding with blush & cream tones.  Ashley wore her great-grandmothers’ earrings and bracelet, they were the perfect complement to her incredible Reem Acra gown & Jimmy Choo shoes. The first look took place in the incredible Royal Suite.  The beautiful light and incredible architecture only enhanced a beautiful & emotional moment between the two of them.  They sipped champagne and the anxiety of the day washed away. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Ashley & Brett signed their Ketubah, surrounded by their family members and then headed to the Terrace for the ceremony.  The reception was nonstop dancing thanks to TC & Traffic Jamm, an amazing party full of love and laughter!  The florals, created by The Empty Vase were absolutely stunning and the blush pink wedding cake by The Butter End was the perfect finishing piece.  Thanks to Laurel & Party, it all came together perfectly.  You can see the loveliest video from Couture Motion, on the Style Me Pretty feature!

Ashley & Brett – I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your wedding day.  It was so lovely and I am so happy to have been a part of it.  So many congratulations on the beginning of what I know will be an incredible marriage. Mazel Tov!


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February 12th, 2014

Our European Adventure


Wow!  I can’t believe that it happened.  Even more so, I can’t believe that it’s all over.  We spent six weeks in Paris and traveling through Europe, having the adventure of a lifetime.  It was amazing, and difficult.  It was exhausting, and exhilarating.  It was everything I wanted it to be, and more than I thought it could be.  I documented it all over on my personal blog, Cocktails For Breakfast.

There are posts on Paris here, here and a few film frames here.

We also were lucky enough to make a few short trips outside of Paris.  I mean, all of Europe is just outside your front door, why not?!   We actually began our trip in London, before taking the train in to Paris.  A few weeks later, we drove to Amsterdam, stopping in Belgium and Bruges along the way.  We flew down to Morocco for a few days in Marrakech, we needed the sun more than I ever knew that we would!   We ended the trip with an amazing trip out to Ireland, and then flew down to the Rhone Valley for the most fantastic day of wine tasting in one of my favorite regions.

So, life is slowly returning to normal around here. I think we’re finally through the jet lag, Chris went back to work and I’ve dug myself out of the mountain of emails!  So, if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you, please shoot me another one.  I’d hate to have missed it!  Thank you so much to all of my clients for being so patient and amazing with me while we were gone.  I am so lucky to have had this opportunity and I so appreciate you all for helping me to make it happen and for supporting me along the way.   So, head over to CFB and enjoy some European pretty!


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December 9th, 2013

Our Next Adventure: France


My grandfather always wanted to drive a Winnebago across the country.  Apparently it was something that he talked about a lot, even though I can’t even begin to imagine my grandparents rolling up to Yosemite in a motorized living room. It was  something that he had planned on doing when he retired, when there was time to do that kind of thing.  But he had a stroke at 64 and lived the rest of his years in a nursing home, confined to a bed.  Not that my grandfather didn’t have a million adventures, but I always found it so sad that this one went unrealized.  It always seems like there’s going to be time to do these things, no?  We work hard now, reap the benefits later.  But, as morbid as it sounds, we’re not guaranteed later.  So I plan to live, all out, now.

If we’ve ever met, you probably know that I have a special affinity for France.  The food, and the wine, and the language, and the culture.  It’s my place and I try to get there as often as I can.  My dream is to live there, but just picking up and heading out isn’t really an option, at least not now.  So, we’re going to go test it out.  We’re going to leisurely walk the streets and only eat one dinner a night because we don’t have to squeeze twelve restaurants that I’m dying to try into seven nights.  We’re going to relax, with no projects and no renovations.  We’re going to walk through the Louvre, and maybe not just hit the major attractions, maybe stroll to see it all.  We’re going to sit at cafes and maybe spend an entire afternoon with a cafe au lait.  We’re going to reset from one of our busiest years yet.  And we’re going to live.  Maybe it will get the living abroad bug out of my system.  Or maybe it will become more clear that we should figure out how to do it for real.  But I never want to regret waiting, I want the adventure.
Getting everything to line up so we could make it happen hasn’t been easy, but I could absolutely not be more excited to spend six weeks with my love in the country that I adore!  So, heads up for my dearest clients… if you’ve been finalizing image selections for albums, or are thinking of ordering prints, or need anything at all image related from me before February 1, please let me know ASAP.  I’m going to be finishing up everything in my office by December 15, and won’t be returning until February 1.   I will definitely be available for emails and chats, but I won’t be bringing all of the hard drives and whatnot with me.   For new clients, I will be available by email, and would love to Skype or Face Time with you about your wedding, just shoot me an email!
There will be lots of pictures I’m sure, and I’ll be back with some pretty images of my place.  Can’t wait to share it with you!

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December 4th, 2013

Jordan & Kevin: The Manhattan Beach Engagement


I’ve known Jordan for a while now, and I have never seen a single hair on her head out of place.  She has the most perfect hair, lipstick always in place, dressed elegantly from head to toe.  Every single time I see her.  I don’t know how she does it, but I imagine she wakes up looking this fresh and lovely every single morning.  Jordan & I met when she needed someone to shoot a line of cookies she was creating.  Then she designed everything that you see here.  She knew exactly what my brand should look like before I even had it all figured out.   She knew what I wanted and did an incredible job.   She’s a wonderful person and I was so thrilled when I got a text from her that Kevin had proposed!

Jordan is generally bubbly and full of life, but Kevin brings out an entirely new level of happiness in her.  They are absolutely giddy over each other.  I’m so happy to see my dear friend so happy.  It’s so special. They’re getting married in Colorado in the spring, but wanted their engagement session to reflect the love they have for their home.  So, we shot on the beach, a place where they spend a lot of time and had a wonderful little afternoon.

Jordan & Kevin – I am so happy for the two of you!  So many congratulations on your engagement!


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