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Welcome, and thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere! My name is Jordana Hazel and I am a Los Angeles based wedding photographer. What began as a little hobby grew and became my passion. I've loved photography most of my life and feel incredibly lucky to have been able to make it my career. I am beyond honored to capture couples before, during and after the biggest step their relationship will ever take.

My website will give you a great idea of who I am as a person and as a photographer. But, you'll find my most recent work & a few personal ramblings here... go take a peek!

Should you have any questions, please shoot over an email (jordana@hazelnutphotography.com) or use the contact page on my website. I am super excited to hear from you!


September 6th, 2014

Erin & Brian: The Calamigos Ranch Wedding


Ohhh, these two.  Erin & Brian are two of the most down to Earth, fun and genuine people I know.  Their engagement session was one of my favorites this year and I knew that the wedding would be even more spectacular.  I was correct! There are no two people that were more relaxed, or seemed to enjoy their wedding day more than these two.  It made for a relaxed day, full of laughter and so much heart.  Looking back over these images, makes me so happy… it was one of those days that makes me so happy to do what I do.

Erin & Brian – Thank you for such a lovely day!   You two make my job so much fun and I absolutely loved documenting  your wedding day.  I hope you’re having the loveliest honeymoon!   Congratulations!

Getting Ready: Four Seasons Westlake Village, Venue: Calamigos Ranch, Coordinator: You & Me Events, Makeup: Kacee Geoffroy, Florist: Kate Baker Floral Design, DJ: Red Shoe LA, Lighting: Pacific Event Lighting, Desserts: Vanilla Bake Shop


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August 26th, 2014

Gaji LA: Food Photography


People are really the heart & soul of Hazelnut Photography, but food is the heart & soul of me.  I love food in every way, shape and form and I was thrilled when Minh, the chef at Gaji contacted me about shooting this brand new restaurant.  A little shooting of the interiors, a bit of their beautiful dishes and then A LOT of me eating every single plate.  I left so full… in my heart and in my stomach.

So, make yourself a reservation next time you’re heading downtown.  It was delicious!

Oh, and here see a lovely writeup with some of my images on Eater LA (one of my favorite blogs!)

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August 25th, 2014

Featured on Style Me Pretty!


It is always a pleasure to see my work featured on other blogs, and Style Me Pretty is just the prettiest one in all the land.   Today they featured Michelle & Bryans lovely wedding day at Maravilla Gardens!   You can see the feature here, and more from their perfect day here.

For more wedding posts, engagement posts or my website, click on through!


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August 22nd, 2014

Carlos, Elvira, Mateo & Olivia: The Family Shoot


Meeting the babies of my past wedding clients is such a thrill for me!  Being there when a couple takes the step into marriage is beautiful and rewarding.  But, documenting this next major step in their lives, that is incredible.   It’s sweet and tender and oh so beautiful.

Elvira & Carlos were married in 2010 at Union Station.  It was a lovely event full of so many details and Elvira has definitely not lost that touch for the little bits that make life so interesting.  Their shoot was simple, but with the small touches that make it absolutely perfect.  Their son Mateo is so much fun.  He’s playful and inquisitive… and those eyes!   They just melt your heart!  Olivia is just two weeks old.  She’s tiny and sweet and smells like a perfect little newborn.  She was the perfect little model and put up with all of our posing… except for that GORGEOUS flower crown (thanks so much Instyle Blooms!), that she didn’t really enjoy all that much.

Elvira, Carlos, Mateo & Olivia – Congratulations to the four of you!   Your family is so sweet and I’m so happy to have met the two newest additions… they are absolutely perfect!   Thank you so much for a great shoot!
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0001.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0002.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0003.jpg

Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0005.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0006.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0007.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0008.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0009.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0010.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0011.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0012.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0013.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0014.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0015.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0016.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0017.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0018.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0019.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0020.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0021.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0022.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0023.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0024.jpg

Mateo is such a great big brother!   His super adorable outfit is from Carly Megan!
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0025.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0026.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0027.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0028.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0029.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0030.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0031.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0032.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0033.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0034.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0035.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0036.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0037.jpgNewborn At Home Family Shoot_0039.jpg
Newborn At Home Family Shoot_0038.jpg

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August 20th, 2014

The Buccolas: The Little Corona Beach Family Shoot


Oh those Buccolas!   I am impressed that they put such an importance on getting the whole family in front of the camera every single year.  I just have the one husband and getting him to cooperate every five years or so is an enormous task.  I think these sessions are so important, especially when these kids grow and change so quickly!   I’ve been shooting these guys since Mia was just a baby.  Now she’s a little lady.  Max is such a boy.  Such enormous personalities on the two of them!   Strong and funny and kind.  It is such a pleasure every single year!

This year we returned to the Little Corona Beach, which is absolutely perfect for their sessions.  It’s a place they visit regularly, and such a part of their lives.  I learned lots of new funny faces, we searched for interesting sea animals and did a bit of splashing in the water.  It was a lovely afternoon and I’m so thankful for these sessions!

Kelly, Craig, Mia & Max – It is always such a pleasure!   To document you all every year is so much fun for me and I look forward to it every year.  Thanks guys!


Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0001.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0002.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0003.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0004.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0005.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0006.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0007.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0008.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0009.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0010.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0011.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0012.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0013.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0014.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0015.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0016.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0017.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0018.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0019.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0020.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0021.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0022.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0023.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0024.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0025.jpgBuccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0029.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0026.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0027.jpg
Buccolas Family Shoot Little Corona Beach_0028.jpg

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August 19th, 2014

Alexandra, Thibaut, Charles & Edouard: The Little Corona Beach Family Shoot


This super adorable family travelled all the way from France to shoot a lovely session with me on this fantastic little beach.  Ha, I kid!   But they did travel all the way from France for a lovely three weeks in the SoCal sun and some friend time with the always adorable Buccolas (whose family session is coming up)!   I was so happy to meet them and so thrilled that they decided to do their family session here.  I think that doing these sessions when you’re on vacation, when you’re super relaxed, when there’s nothing else on the agenda, it’s always good!  Such a great way to document a fantastic vacation and a growing family!

Charles & Edouard (who turned 1 the day of our session!) are so adorable, so well-behaved and so funny!  Charles was a perfect model and Edouard gave me a run for my money!  But those eyes… such great eyes!   I had such a wonderful time with these sweet little family and am so thrilled with our images.  We got some beautiful light on the beach, and then finished up with a birthday cake smash and a glass of rosé (clearly, these are my people!)

Alex, Thibaut, Charles & Edouard – Thank you so much for such a fabulous afternoon!  I hope that the rest of your vacation is going so well and that you’re enjoying all of the sun!  Perhaps, next time, we meet up on your side of the pond!

Family Shoot Beach_0004.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0001.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0002.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0003.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0005.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0006.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0007.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0008.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0009.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0010.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0011.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0012.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0013.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0014.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0015.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0016.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0017.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0018.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0019.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0020.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0021.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0022.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0023.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0024.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0025.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0026.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0027.jpg
Family Shoot Beach_0028.jpg

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August 5th, 2014

Gloria & Alejandro: The Franklin Canyon Engagement Session


These two flitted in to my life just briefly, long enough for a pretty session in the hills, and then headed back out.  Gloria has been in medical school here in LA for the past three years while Alejandro worked in Tennessee.  They travelled back and forth and their relationship has blossomed from opposite sides of the country.  But now, with just a few weeks before their big day, these two are driving across the country to start a brand new life.  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them and was so thrilled to document the closing of this chapter in their lives in LA.

Gloria & Alejandro – So many congratulations on all of the amazing things going on in your lives right now!  I hope that the drive was uneventful, that the wedding will be incredible and that your life, living in the same city, will be magnificent!  It was an absolute pleasure to photograph the two of you!  Congratulations!
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0001.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0002.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0003.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0005.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0006.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0007.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0008.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0009.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0010.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0011.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0012.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0013.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0014.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0015.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0016.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0017.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0018.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0019.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0020.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0021.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0022.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0023.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0024.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0025.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0026.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0027.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0028.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0029.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0031.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0032.jpgFranklin Canyon Engagement Session_0030.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0033.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0034.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0035.jpg
Franklin Canyon Engagement Session_0036.jpg

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July 10th, 2014

Karin & Doug: The Temecula Creek Inn Wedding


Karin and I go way back.  Way back.  She’s been a bridesmaid in not one, but two weddings I shot over the past few years.  (Melissa & Brook and Alli & Matt… it was so great to see you all!)  She was always one the liveliest and most fun bridesmaids, always making my job so much fun.  But last week she was my bride and it was so amazing to get to know her!  She’s even more lively, even more fun and even more beautiful than I’d thought.  And Doug got to marry her.  These two, they are such lucky ones.

Karin & Doug met at work… he was her boss.  I can only imagine how that all got started, but I’m so happy that it did.  Karin & Doug are absolutely wonderful together, they make a great couple and their wedding day was nothing short of perfection.   The were married under the trees at The Temecula Creek Inn, such a beautiful venue.  Her brother officiated one of the most heartfelt ceremonies I’ve ever documented.  It was sweet and funny and seemed a perfect representation of Karin & Doug as a couple.  Each detail was impeccable, little treats everywhere you looked.  But more than that, the warm and amazing welcome from every guests made me feel like we were attending an intimate gathering of the closest family & friends.  It was truly a lovely day, and I’m so happy to have been a part of it!

Karin & Doug – I hope that the Maldives are treating you well and that you each have a delicious cocktail in hand.  So many congratulations on a beautiful wedding and best wishes for the happiest of marriages.  I am so happy for you both!

Venue: Temecula Creek Inn / Coordinator: At Your Door Events / Videographer: Forrey Films / Florist: Flowers, Etc / Hair & Makeup: Beach Bridal / DJ: Vox DJ / Cake: Cakes to Celebrate / Photobooth: Drunken Pixel


Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0001.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0002.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0003.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0004.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0005.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0006.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0007.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0008.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0009.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0010.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0011.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0012.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0013.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0014.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0015.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0016.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0017.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0018.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0019.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0020.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0021.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0022.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0023.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0024.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0025.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0026.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0027.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0028.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0029.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0030.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0031.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0032.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0033.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0034.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0035.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0036.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0037.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0038.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0039.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0040.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0041.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0042.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0043.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0044.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0045.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0046.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0047.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0048.jpg
Temecula Creek Inn Wedding_0049.jpg

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June 27th, 2014

Abby & Jonathan: The Sephardic Temple Wedding


She circled him at the beginning of their ceremony, then he circled her.  And they never let go of one another, never once.  They couldn’t take their eyes off each other.  The love was absolutely palpable, you could feel it emanating from the two of them, from their friends and from their families.  I don’t think I’ve laughed more, or shed more tears at a wedding.  It was such a special day and I am so happy to have documented every moment of it.

Abby & Jonathan were married on Sunday at The Sephardic Temple in LA.  It was a day that really focused on the two of them and the intense love they share with their families, who already seem so intertwined.    The stories shared were funny, sweet and an amazing view into their lives.  Each and every person I met overflowed with gratitude and admiration for each and every other family member.  It was so lovely!

Abby & Jonathan – I am so thrilled for the two of you!   You two are so intentional, so special, and I feel honored to know you.  This next adventure will be incredible for you both and I wish you nothing but the best.  Mazel Tov!

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June 26th, 2014

Michelle & Bryan: The Maravilla Gardens Wedding


Two people couldn’t be more in sync with one another.  It seems they’ve been following each other for most of their lives.  Now, they are next to one another, standing side by side, as they take on this new life adventure together!  These two, Michelle & Bryan, are so absolutely perfect for each other.  Their wedding day will go down as one of my favorites, because it was so genuine.  IT seemed to be a perfect representation of them, as individuals and as a couple.  They have a beautiful respect for one another, an immense love for their families and true admiration for their friends.  It was an incredible day, full of love and laughter and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the two of them!

Michelle & Bryan were married at Maravilla Gardens, one of my favorite little venues in Camarillo.  It was the perfect backdrop to their sweet wedding.  The Little Branch played off the soft nature tones of Maravilla with the most amazing florals and one of the most solid bridal bouquets I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting.  On the longest day of 2014, we used up every bit of light we could and celebrated long in to the night!

Michelle & Bryan – so many congratulations!  It was such a lovely day and I’m so happy to have been a part of it.  Thank you so much for your trust and your ease, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph the two of you.  I wish you nothing but the best in a long and happy marriage!

Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0001.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0002.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0003.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0005.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0006.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0007.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0008.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0009.jpgMaravilla Gardens Wedding_0011.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0010.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0012.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0013.jpgMaravilla Gardens Wedding_0134.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0014.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0015.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0016.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0017.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0018.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0019.jpgMaravilla Gardens Wedding_0133.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0020.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0021.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0022.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0023.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0024.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0025.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0026.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0027.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0028.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0029.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0030.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0031.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0032.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0033.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0034.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0035.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0036.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0037.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0038.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0039.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0040.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0041.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0042.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0043.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0044.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0045.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0046.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0047.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0048.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0049.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0050.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0051.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0052.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0053.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0054.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0055.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0056.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0057.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0058.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0059.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0060.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0061.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0062.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0063.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0064.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0065.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0066.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0067.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0068.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0069.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0070.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0071.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0072.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0073.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0074.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0075.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0076.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0077.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0078.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0079.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0080.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0081.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0082.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0083.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0084.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0085.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0086.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0087.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0088.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0089.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0090.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0091.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0092.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0093.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0094.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0095.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0096.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0097.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0098.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0099.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0100.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0101.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0102.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0103.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0104.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0105.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0106.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0107.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0108.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0109.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0110.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0111.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0112.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0113.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0114.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0115.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0116.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0117.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0118.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0119.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0120.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0121.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0122.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0123.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0124.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0125.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0126.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0127.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0128.jpg

Absolutely loved their getaway car from Classy Chassis Rentals, it was perfect!
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0129.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0130.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0131.jpg
Maravilla Gardens Wedding_0132.jpg

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